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Paolo C - bio

Paolo Ciabattini, an Italian abstract artist of international vocation, was born in Milan in 1961. He studied architecture and design at the St. Raphael University of Rome, as well as drawing and figure at the Academy of Brera in Milan. 

The artist uses thick layers of color, which accumulate on the canvas creating a powerful sense of intimacy. The artist aims to unveil the hidden perceptions that are filtered by the eye's retina through the synergy created in the human brain. Those perceptions, according to Paolo Ciabattini, if devoid of the judgments of the mind, can be pure. Pure like the visuals surrounding us transfused in color, on the canvas. ​

He has exhibited both in Italy and abroad, with some of his most important personal exhibitions being at the Neuberg Gallery (Hong Kong), Santa Maria of the Laity (Gubbio), Vernon Gallery (Prague), Zurab Zereteli Art Gallery Museum (Moscow), Galata Museo del Mare (Genoa), Laboexpo (Milan), Gallery STATUTO13 (Brera, Milan).

He was selected as a finalist for the "Premio Arte" at the Museo Della Permanente, Milano.


Paolo C - artworks
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