Flavio Rossi (b. 1979) has a bachelor degree in Fine Arts from PUC-Campinas, Brazil. His father first encouraged him to start drawing. At the beginning of his career he was an illustrator, then moved onto painting and sculpture and other mediums. Flavio, figurative and pop artist, owes his inspiration to great masters such as Lucien Freud, Jue Min Jun and Francis Bacon. The artist managed to create a very personal artistic language through female and male nudes, running on a neutral background or an infinite sky, engaged in mysterious grimaces and emotional situations between drama and extreme joy. During his months at the Espinasse31 Artist Residency, Flavio has used large format canvases experimenting with resin and various materials found around the construction site of Espinasse31. Such experimentations gave life to original pop interpretations, a sort of of Street Art “Dada” of doors, toilets, and other objects.

A testimony on Flavio Rossi's experience at our Artist Residency program: "While I was vacationing in Paris with my wife, Antonio Castiglioni invited me to the Espinasse31 Artist Residency in Milan and also to meet him at his place in Monaco to talk about the project. Arriving in Monaco when a Solo Exhibition of Francis Bacon - one of my favourite artists, was being shown, was already a sign of great inspiration. I very much appreciated the idea of the residency and the opportunity of exchanging with Italian and other artists, which made me then redefine the course of the trip, heading almost immediately to Milan."

"I was the first artist of the residency, having the pleasure of opening this beautiful movement! Surely, after Antonio! For me, it is not always easy to start producing in a new space, especially because it takes some time to imprint that energy in a creative space like an atelier, but the experience was indeed very pleasant. I was supported by the professional attention and generosity of the friendship of Antonio, his family, the artists involved and all the team that worked in the construction of Espinasse31. Although it was not easy to leave my wife at the time - we had been making plans for this trip for more than two years and we were already travelling Europe together for a month - I immediately decided to produce the works by taking advantage of the challenge of this detachment, my first time In Italy and this artistic exchange.


The works of this period basically recount the daily life in a surrealist and expressionist way in the paintings. Love, loneliness, beauty, lack of control, nostalgia, depression, happiness, friendship, madness, admiration, overcoming and transformation. Most of the works that were selected for ONE DROP were produced with acrylic paint on canvas and resin, highlighting some objects found in the building works of the studio with applied spray. One month of intense work has passed, many dawns and a state of absolute immersion in the workshop watered by the interchanging of experiences and solitude.


Having Italian descent and this being my first trip to Italy, the first cities I went to were Florence and Milan. It was incredible: being a Brazilian and recognising familiar temperaments in the Italians, and in myself, provided me with great emotional support and unforgettable days, and during every day at work, I witnessed the transformation of the atelier during the construction of the whole space, which somehow made me feel part of Espinasse31 and Milan.


Professionally, which for me is an aspect pretty close to my personal life, the experience was amazing as well! New Italian friends and the resin workshop resulted in the incorporation of new elements into my work, many exchanges of experiences with Jotape, Valentina and Antonio on Art and Life ... during lovely aperitivi! I do hope it has contributed in some way also to the other participating artists, to the people I have lived with and to Espinasse31.

Thank you Antonio, Valentina, Nicolas, Thomas, Jotape, the whole Espinasse31 team and Milan! May the exhibition be beautiful."




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