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Flavio Rossi

Flavio Rossi (b. 1979) has a bachelor degree in Fine Arts from PUC-Campinas,Brazil. His father first encouraged him to start drawing. At the beginning of his career he was an illustrator, then moved onto painting and sculpture and other mediums. Flavio, figurative and pop artist, owes his inspiration to great masters such as Lucien Freud, Jue Min Jun and Francis Bacon. The artist managed to create a very personal artistic language through female and male nudes, running on a neutral background or an infinite sky, engaged in mysterious grimaces and emotional situations between drama and extreme joy. During his months at the Espinasse31 Artist Residency, Flavio has used large format canvases experimenting with resin and various materials found around the construction site of Espinasse31. Such experimentations gave life to original pop interpretations, a sort of Street  Art “Dada” of doors, toilets, and other objects.

A testimony on Flavio Rossi's experience at our Artist Residency program: 

"While I was vacationing in Paris with my wife, Antonio Castiglioni invited me to the Espinasse31 Artist Residency in Milan and also to meet him at his place in Monaco to talk about the project. Arriving in Monaco we went to a solo Exhibition of Francis Bacon - one of my favourite artists, it was already a sign of great inspiration. I very much appreciated the idea of the residency and the opportunity of exchanging with Italian and other artists, which made me then redefine the course of the trip, heading almost immediately to Milan."


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Flavio Rossi


Flavio Rossi

Espinasse 31 Artists’ Residency celebrates its first birthday, with a collective exhibition, during Milan Design Week.

Flavio Rossi and Sergio Fabris graffiti the famous Beco do Batman, in Vila Madalena, SP.

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