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"Concebida como algo más que una simple galería, Espinasse31 se presenta como ese lugar de encuentro y creación artística, a nivel internacional, para dar voz a artistas de diferentes registros, generaciones y culturas. Aquí cruzan nuestros caminos es su nueva apuesta colectiva hasta bien entrada la próxima primavera, como un soplo de aire fresco, esperado, tras el largo letargo del recio y introvertido invierno, que consigue, a través de este cóctel artístico de diferentes estilos y estados de ánimo con el uso base del color, proyectar a estos cinco creadores seleccionados y al que están invitados a participar de su rico mundo interior. Bajo la representación animada de imágenes, elementos u objetos cotidianos, reconocidos y ahora rememorados a modo de faro, que sirven de guía al espectador por la exhibición..."

"With ART&DESIGN II, design invades the gallery spaces with site-specific works designed by the selected artists, coming from different parts of the world, who carry traces of their past with works where the material and colors manifest their experiences as architects and designers . The exhibition aims to be a tribute to the mix between contemporary art and luxury design..."

"With ART&DESIGN II, design invades the gallery spaces with site-specific works designed by the selected artists, coming from different parts of the world, who carry traces of their past with works where the material and colors manifest their experiences as architects and designers . The exhibition aims to be a tribute to the mix between contemporary art and luxury design..."

"Espinasse31 Contemporary Art Gallery, on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the twinning between the cities of São Paulo and Milan, presents the works designed by Flavio Rossi (São Paulo, Brazil, 1979), a mural and a sculpture that invite us to reflect on the meaning of immigration which has profoundly marked the history of the two countries both in the emigration and reception phases..."

"The exhibition " Immigration: the new generation " is presented by Espinasse31 in collaboration with the Brazilian consulate in Milan and showcases the works of the Brazilian artist and street artist Flavio Rossi..."

"Flavio Rossi (1979, Sao Paulo, Brazil) has a diploma in fine arts from Puc – Campinas, starting his artistic career as an illustrator and then moving on to painting and sculpture. Famous for his murals all over the world, Flavio hit the headlines for the mural created in 2016 in collaboration with Ron Wood on the occasion of the documentary "Ole ole ole", produced by the BBC, on the Rolling's Latin American tour Stones..."

"Seven artists on display from 5 September to 31 October to coincide with the reopening of the Salone del Mobile 2021 after a year and a half of suspension of activities due to the pandemic. Galleria Espinasse 31 announces its first collective exhibition featuring works of art and furniture in its Milan exhibition space (Viale Carlo Espinasse 31), as well as an installation of sculptural works in its temporary exhibition space, at the Zaha Hadid Residences in CityLife Milan (Via Senofonte 2/A). We will talk about this exposure in another article.​.."

"A year and a half without  art , without its  saving power , without its  beauty , without its  comfort . But today, finally, after months of isolation and closures due to the pandemic period, we can finally begin to look beyond. And think of  starting again thanks to art . To do so,  Espinasse31 Contemporary Gallery opens the doors of its new group exhibition  Reverie: The Divine Feminine  on display until 4 July 2021 in its Milanese location..."

"Meg Gallagher, a New Zealander based in Australia, moves between realism and abstraction. A visual artist and designer by training, with extremely prestigious professional collaborations, you have rediscovered paintingfocusing his art on the contemporary female nude. The artist refers to all of her know-how through the use of denim as a canvas and to her life experiences such as that of a classical dancer or the more recent one of a mother in her powerful but at the same time delicate depiction of subjects feminine..."

"A year and a half without art, without its saving power, without its beauty, without its comfort. But today, finally, after months of isolation and closures due to the pandemic period, we can finally begin to look beyond..."

"Espinasse31 Contemporary Gallery is pleased to present its first exhibition “Form Follows Meaning – since the city of Milan went into lockdown at the beginning of March. The sculptures of the artists Olga Lomaka, Marcello Silvestre and Veronica Mar will be on display at Zaha Hadid Residences (C4 Building Lobby), City Life Milan from 16 September 2020 to 15 January 2021..."

"After an exhibition in Miami, and an upcoming date in Milan, it is full of enthusiasm that Tomasz Kucharski, contemporary artist hosted by the contemporary gallery and residency for artists Espinasse 31, spoke about his first exhibition in the Principality, which will highlight his “ Hats ”, “ Win ” and “ Insignes ” series..."

"Mainly focused on abstract portraits, the presentation of the works of the Polish painter Thomasz Kucharski by the Espinasse gallery in Milan will continue until October 1 of this year 2019. And, on June 27 upon entering the hotel lobby of Larvotto, we are drawn in by the comparisons, the resemblances, the works within the works inspired and interpreted with a contemporary note by the great painters of the early 20th century..."

"Espinasse31, a Milanese contemporary gallery and artist’s residency, is presenting a solo exhibition of the Polish artist Tomasz Kucharski. Monaco Life attended the exclusive opening of the exhibition at Le Meridien Beach Plaza last week and witnessed first-hand the impressive nature of his works..."

"One year after the summer exhibition at Miami Plage in Monte Carlo and its winter exhibitions at Miami Beach, including one at the prestigious Hotel Delano, the contemporary gallery and artist residence Espinasse31 arrives at the Hotel Médirien in Monte Carlo to present a solo exhibition of Polish artist T omasz Kucharski  from 4 June to 1 October..."

"Since the times of early Christian art, the symbol had the function of expressing the invisible, representing the transcendental sense of the divine and exposing ideas that had to be understood by contemplating an image..." 

"Considered one of the greatest talents of the contemporary art scene, the Cuban Carlos Luna nourishes deep respect for the pictorial process that, like a woman, he treats with kindness and seriousness. After touring various institutions including the Museum of the Neighborhood in New York, the Nassau County Museum of Art in Roslyn Harbor, the American University of Washington and the Banco de Mexico Collection in Mexico City, his works will be exhibited from February 26th to April 1st at the Delano Hotel of Miami Beach during the group exhibition “Espinasse 31 for Delano Miami”, organized by the Milanese artist’s residency Espinasse31..."

"Since the times of early Christian art, the symbol had the function of expressing the invisible, representing the transcendental sense of the divine and exposing ideas that had to be understood by contemplating an image..."

"Today in the digital age par excellence, where technology acts as a "divine" extension of ourselves, the spirituality of the symbol is outlined in pictographic characters, used and known by all: emojis. The Milanese residence Espinasse 31 thus decided to use art, through the works of Olga Lomaka and Urban Solid, to investigate today's relationship between man, social media and money..."

“Escapes” will reveal the complexity of the human being in his most intimate soul, investigating his relationship with nature, the city and feelings..."

"The Spanish artist Marcos Tamargo paints his canvases like a traveler writes his logbook, each work represents one of his journeys and each color evokes the memory of a lived city: "My paintings and I go hand in hand, I modeled the landscape with my personal way of seeing, there is no difference between me and them..."

“I have no desires or fears,” declared the Khan, “and my dreams are composed either by the mind or by chance. – Cities also believe they are the work of the mind or of chance, but neither one nor the other is enough to keep their walls up. You don't enjoy the seven and seventy-seven wonders of a city, but the answer it gives to your question..."

"City as a place and symbol of human complexity, street understood as a physical space where one works, grows and builds a life project. The Espinasse 31 artist residency with its exhibitions has highlighted, in these two years of opening, how the phenomenon of Street Art itself is a form of appropriation of urban space and aesthetic reformulation, where the protagonist city is transformed by the work of man and at the same time invites him to escape with real or mental journeys..."

"Spiritual and eclectic like his art, Fabio Pietrantonio is a multifaceted artist with a very composite production, which favors natural materials with a highly symbolic appeal. Stones, resins, wood, dust, sand, pigments, metals and fabrics are the main elements he selected for the Universal Egg and Sapienze Universali cycles , on display from 2 October at the Milanese artist residence Espinasse 31 with the collective Escapes..."

“Espinasse 31” is a pop up exposition at the Miami Plage of Monte Carlo on May 12 – October 10. One year after its opening, the Milanese residency for artists “Espinasse 31” managed to create a network of interconnections that brought its name and its artists to international recognition..."

"The Espinasse 31 artist residency will tell visitors about its mission, making them reflect on the value of art and photography, through the community of artists. By encouraging collaboration and the interdisciplinary exchange of ideas between hosted and local artists, Espinasse 31 offers design and social opportunities that continue beyond the time of residence..."

"Espinasse 31 has built its own cultural identity through photography, painting and sculpture, thus promoting art and encouraging critical thinking among its collectors..."

"Surely it is enough to see a work to understand the origin of their stage name: Urban Solid, behind which lies a duo of Italian artists, united by a strong passion for sculpture and street art. From 12 May to 10 October, at the Miami Plage in Monte Carlo, Urban Solid are the protagonists of an exhibition, “Espinasse 31 lands in Monaco”, organized by the Milanese artist residency Espinasse 31, always on the lookout for new pop talents and street art..."

"One year after its foundation, the Milanese artist residency Espinasse 31 has managed to create a network of interconnections that has brought its name and its artists to international recognition. After participating in Scope Miami and Art Basel, the gallery arrives in Monte Carlo, in the Larvotto bay, enhancing the scenic beauty of Miami Plage with the works of the artists who worked in residence..."

"There is much anticipation for the celebration of the first year of activity of the well-known Milanese artist residency, Espinasse 31. On the occasion of the Salone del Mobile, on April 20th a collective exhibition will be inaugurated with all the artists who took part in the projects and to the residency events this year..."

"Espinasse 31 celebrates its first year of activity, with a collective exhibition in residence, during the Salone del Mobile. Creativity, talent, innovation and passion for art are the main leitmotifs that will guide the exhibition: “Espinasse 31 Celebration..."

"Certainly a different vision of the world of art, very interactive and multidisciplinary, among the different forms of expression, the various cultures and fashions, that of Antonio Castiglioni, owner and curator of the residence. The first novelty concerns in fact the preview: on the occasion of MiArt, Espinasse has decided to dedicate three days, available to collectors and experts in the sector, to admire the talent on display. An unrepeatable opportunity to be able to appreciate it in a single location works of painting, sculpture, photography and design..."

"Espinasse 31 portrays itself as a hotbed of ideas, a virtuous path where you can share experiences, cultures, but above all your own creations. During this year there have been many projects and events that have seen artists engage on the front line with big names in fashion, entertainment and architecture: the Cuban artist Jenny Perez collaborated with Armani for the presentation of the new capsule Armani Exchange AX collection, entitled “St_Art..."

"Espinasse 31 Artists’ Residency celebrates its first birthday, with a collective exhibition, during Milan Design Week. Creativity, talent, innovation and passion for art are the driving forces that will guide the exhibition: “Espinasse 31 Celebration..."

"On the occasion of the Salone del Mobile, to celebrate the first year of activity of the residence, Espinasse 31 is organizing a collective exhibition: talent, passion, innovation and creativity will be the leitmotifs of the evening..."

"Art and fashion , two worlds in continuous meeting and fusion. For over a century, world-famous fashion designers have been inspired by the greatest creations of modern and contemporary artists to create successful garments. What if for once it was art itself that paid homage to fashion..."

"For the famous photographer Antonio Guccione, the relationship between art and fashion is "almost a form of cannibalism". They feed on each other, on each other, hungry for the sensuality of a body to dress, for the charm of objects to wear. With the provocative title "Art Fucks Fashion", the exhibition opens on Thursday 22 February and, on the occasion of the week of Milanese fashion shows, opens the Espinasse 31 artist residency to five artists who interpret the strong bond between the two worlds..."

"Negli ultimi anni, noti stilisti di fama internazionale hanno preso pezzi di arte moderna e contemporanea per creare capi d’alta moda unici e di successo; la street art che “imbrattava” i muri delle città adesso fa vendere vestiti e borse;  semplice scelta commerciale o mancanza di creatività..."

"On the occasion of Milan Fashion Week, the well-known artist residence Espinasse 31 dedicates an evening event to the world of fashion and art, with an exhibition entitled "Art fucks fashion..."

"Art and fashion , two worlds in continuous meeting and fusion. For over a century, world-famous fashion designers have been inspired by the greatest creations of modern and contemporary artists to create successful garments. What if for once it was art itself that paid homage to fashion..."

"In recent years, well-known internationally renowned designers have taken pieces of modern and contemporary art to create unique and successful haute couture pieces; the street art that "smeared" city walls now sells clothes and bags; simple commercial choice or lack of creativity..."

"To pay homage and celebrate during the Milan fashion week, the owner of the well-known American pop and street art gallery, Antonio Castiglioni, has in fact decided to organize an evening event, where five of his internationally renowned artists will dress with talent, exhibiting works with a glamorous and fashionable edge..."

"Leonor Anthony, Leo Castaneda, Simone Monte, Antonio Guccione and Alex Korolkovas: they are the five internationally renowned artists, protagonists of the evening event: “Art fucks fashion”, on display from 22 February to 23 March, at the well-known artist residence Milanese Espinasse 31..."

"In recent years, well-known internationally renowned designers have taken inspiration from works of art to create unique and successful haute couture garments. Simple commercial choice or lack of creativity..."

"Considered one of the new talents of street art, Cuban Jenny Perez began her career as a visual artist using canvases and acrylic paint, but over the years her art has reached the streets and walls of many American cities, until arriving in Miami . “Here the art is vibrant, the colors and energy of the city play a role in the aesthetics of the art and architecture; I am very influenced by the magic of Miami and the different cultural flow that it manages to attract..."

"En vísperas de la apertura de Art Basel Miami Beach, la feria de arte contemporáneo más importante de las Américas, el rey midas del arte en la ciudad estaba exultante. Jorge Pérez, constructor multimillonario y mecenas del Pérez Art Museum, celebraba la reinvención de Miami en los últimos años..."

"Curators, artists and gallery owners from all over the world meet promptly in Miami from 5 to 10 December to show collectors the latest news in the field of contemporary art . This year, twenty-five countries and sixty cities are expected for a total of 140 international exhibitors. Not only galleries from Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, Madrid, Paris will showcase the skill of their artists, but Italy also proudly presents his talents. There are four Italian galleries participating this year: Barbara Paci, Alessandro Berni, SGS Arte and Espinasse 31..."

"Always distinguished for having a keen eye on latest generation artists and for having promoted many young talents, Scope represents the most important contemporary art fair of Miami Art Week. Every year, artists, gallery owners and collectors gather here to pay homage to the art market. This year, Espinasse 31, a gallery and well-known artist residence in Milan, will accompany Carlos Luna, one of the best-known artists of the moment, in his first commercial exhibition in the city of Miami with a single show at "Scope art Fair..."

"London, Paris, let's throw in Turin too. Not to mention Biennials like Istanbul and Lyon. The calendar of European events is packed, especially in odd-numbered years. But if we broaden our gaze, the situation is even more complicated. Like missing, for example, the art week that takes place in Miami every year at the beginning of December. So here is the first list, that of the fairs that deserve at least a visit. And tomorrow we will talk about the exhibitions..."

"A partire da questo dicembre, Espinasse31 presenta alcuni progetti di grande rilevanza a cui la residenza ha lavorato sottobanco negli ultimi mesi. La location privilegiata per la presentazione sarà, neanche a dirlo, Miami, città con la quale la residenza è da sempre legata. La maggior parte degli artisti di Espinasse31 viene infatti da Miami, o da qui è già passata, rafforzando così il legame che la residenza da sempre ha con Wynwood, l’art district della città..."

"Claudia La Bianca never took an anatomy drawing class. Instead, her lessons about the human form were learned as a child. Night after night, the wide-eyed, golden-locked dreamer sat backstage at her big sister's lingerie fashion shows in Sicily, where she gazed at beautiful, scantily clad models strutting on the catwalk..."

"For everything there is a season. As we turn our late autumnal gaze to Miami and the Beach, Art Basel begins its rumbling effect, building to a dramatic cultural crescendo. The city is scrubbed, painted and fluffed while all heads turn to creatures creative, big and small..."

"The exhibition, Virtual Art Meets The Ocean, will feature the works of Leo Castaneda, Paolo Ciabattini, Raffaella Schlegel and ValentinaKi and, as can be seen from the title, will be a contrasting mix of technology and nature: the works of these artists all have to do to do with the colors and sensations of the Ocean, Leo Castaneda with his deep blues and ValentinaKi with his abstracts inspired by the North Seas, Paolo Ciabattini with his so-called monoliths of the sea, a series of which was exhibited at the MuMa in Genoa..."

"On October 24th in  Viale Carlo Espinasse 31, starting from 7:00 pm the Espinasse31 artist residency will host one of its now famous inaugurations, to present four new artists..."

"Lieutenant, Captain, Commander, Colonel, Brigadier General, Inspector and General of the Interior, Minister of the Interior and Public Security, Senator; many honors, one name: Esprit Charles Marie Espinasse. Described as an ideal and faithful companion, Espinasse stood out for his courage and determination during all his battles. Certainly, in addition to courage, passion is also a fundamental glue that binds Charles Espinasse to Antonio Castiglioni, owner of the new artist residence, which he inaugurated on May 3 in Milan, right in via Espinasse 31. Pure coincidence or fortuitous coincidence..."

"The Street & Pop Meet Fashion exhibition arrives in via Espinasse 31 in Milan with works by artists of the caliber of Carlo Cesar Alves, Caterina Crepax, Alex Korolkovas, Jenny Perez, Flavio Rossi. Artists who, with their distinct experimental techniques and the use of different materials, from resin to paper, from the camera to painting, make the exhibition unique of its kind and international in scope..."

"But the fault, unlike what we may think, does not lie with the curator, the works, the artists - or not only. The main fault is ours. We spectators who cross the threshold of the current exhibition putting on the mask of the rebellious child forcibly thrown into the bathtub on Sunday morning. The fault is ours because we have become accustomed to looking at art with the eyes with which one looks at a relic: from afar and with a mixture of veneration and fear..."

"Espinasse31 was founded in 2016 by Antonio Castiglione , with the aim of bringing pop and street art artists from all over the world to Milan and opened its Milanese headquarters last May 3rd. Just founded, the residence already boasts an important following of collectors, supporters, enthusiasts and the ambition to become one of the reference artistic centers on the Italian and international scene..."

"Espinasse31 is a residency aimed at street art and pop-art artists based on the model of Warhol's Factory..."

"It was Caterina Crepax 's "paper dreams" , inspired by Valentina's dream world, that inaugurated the Milanese headquarters of the Espinasse31 house for artists . A collection of high-class clothes, made entirely of paper, as the artist told Tgcom24 : "Sometimes I have a project in my head and I go to look for the right paper, while sometimes it's the material itself, with its particularities , to inspire me...."

"The new Espinasse31 space, the residence for artists located in Viale Carlo Espinasse 31 in Milan, opens on Wednesday 3 May (6.00pm – 10.00pm). Founded in 2016, with the aim of bringing pop and street art artists from all over the world to Milan, Espinasse31 differs from other Italian realities for its original and innovative management approach, which makes it a double-linked artist residency thread with the community..."

"Inaugura mercoledì 3 maggio (18.00 – 22.00) il nuovo spazio Espinasse31, la residenza per artisti situata in Viale Carlo Espinasse 31a Milano. Fondata nel 2016, con lo scopo di portare a Milano artisti di pop e street art provenienti da tutto il mondo, Espinasse31 si differenzia dalle altre realtà italiane per l’inedita e innovativa impostazione gestionale, che la rende una residenza d’artista legata a doppio filo con la comunità..."

"Founded in 2016 by Antonio Castiglioni, the Espinasse31 artist residency opens its Milanese headquarters on May 3 with the aim of establishing itself as a unique place of art in the city panorama, both for the novelty and freshness of the project, and for the international fame of the guest artists, both for the proposal of workshops, meetings and open talks...."

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