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Born in Guatemala; based  in Mexico; oil on canvas 

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Born in October 1984 in Guatemala, Aleksandr Zuleta is a versatile visual artist currently residing in Mexico. With a background in Graphic Design in Communication and Advertising from Guatemala's Universidad del Istmo, Zuleta furthered his education with a degree in Philosophy and Art at CODARTS, Hogeschool Voor de Kunsten in the Netherlands.

Zuleta's artistic practice defies contemporary classifications, encompassing formal painting, experimental painting trends, sculpture, drawing, photography, installation, and collage. His work explores diverse themes, including the lyrical, the mundane, and the poetic, often delving into the fragility of everyday objects and cultures in Latin America and beyond, incorporating elements of Readymade art.

A recurring theme in Zuleta's work is a deep exploration of childhood issues, leading him to investigate the existence of forms, objects, and humanity. His artistic inquiry questions the reasons behind these elements within the dimensions of space and time, challenging conventional notions of reality in art. Time and space become constant searches for Zuleta, shaping his works as a response to personal concerns derived from conceptual reflections and emotional experiences related to his home country and the evolving globalized world. His creative journey involves a daily reunion with objects driven by a sense of aesthetic beauty, transitioning between geometric abstraction, objectual concretion, and ephemeral interventions in specific sites. Zuleta's artistic impact extends globally, with his works becoming part of private collections around the world. Notable solo shows include "A billion sperm and you were the first one" at Sholeh Abghari Art Gallery in Marbella, Spain, and "Changing Nature" at Fundacion Pons in Madrid, Spain. His participation in events like the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in Madrid and sustainability-focused exhibitions underscores Zuleta's commitment to engaging with contemporary themes. Recognition includes the Golden Prize and Merit award at the Venice Biennale, as well as participation in auctions and exhibitions in various prestigious venues worldwide. Zuleta's work is now featured in private collections in different parts of the world, including Nicaragua, Colombia, Spain, the USA, and Australia. He lives and works in Guatemala, Mexico City, and Madrid, Spain, reflecting a dynamic and truly international artistic presence.

Selected Solo Shows:

(2022)Solo Show “ A billion sperm and you were the first one” Sholeh Abghari Art Gallery (Marbella Spain) (2021 )Changing Nature - Fundacion Pons, (Madrid Spain) (2020) MERCEDES BENZ FASHION WEEK MADRID, Collaboration for the designer Marcos Luengo (Madrid Spain) (2020) sustainability week, where I will present my exhibition "Sustainability in times of Pandemic", IE Creativity Center - Spain. (2019) Golden Prize. Merit award in Venice Biennale. Exhibition. (Italia) (2019) Symphony of the Seas. Project Art (2019)2nd. charity auction, Banorte-Laguna foundation. Sotheby's, (Madrid, Spain. (2019)Contemporary.Collection RC. Europa. (USA) (2018) Gallery of Art Puebla. (Iximche Project. Mexico.) (2017) Jacks Balls Sculptures. Huntres of Art, Over Time 2 Galeria Club Alma. (Madrid Spain) (2016) Help World Project, Artcali. Museo La Tertulia. (Cali,Colombia) (2016) Galería Mirat&Co, Over Time. (Madrid España) (2015)Game Abstraction, Public Project. Building Europlaza. (Guatemala. (2015) Galería Ramses) Game Over (Madrid España) (2015) Gallery Intercontinental Hotel Guatemala (Irony on Canvas) (2013) Rozas Botrán Gallery Foundation, (Element Zero)


Fundación Ortiz Gurdian. Nicaragua. Museo de Arte Moderno La T ertulia. Cali, Colombia. Parc Samà museum. T arragona,España. Museum Palau Dalmases. Barcelona. Imago Mundi Art Collection. Biennal Venecia. Collection Borja Durán. Madrid. España. Fundación Carmen Thyssen. Malaga. España. T arrawarra Museum of Art. Australia. Collection RC. Symphony of the Seas. Europa y America. Inocente Inocente Foundation, Madrid, Spain. Lives and works in Guatemala, Mexico DF and Madrid (Spain)

Collective art exhibitions:

The Hyundai Museum. (2022) (Seoul, South Korea) Tamayo Museum Live Art Auction (2022) (Mexico) Marbella Gallery Weekend Sholeh Abghari Art Gallery (2022) (Marbella Spain) Urvanity Art Fair Huntress Of Art / (Madrid Spain) (2022) Art Taipei Ting Ting Art Space / (Taipei Taiwan) (2022) “Urban Break” Street Art Fair in (Seoul, South Korea) Gallery Banditrazos (2022 ) Auction and exhibition of the (MadridSpain) Foundation (2022) Madrid Art Week. Urvanity - (Madrid Spain)(2021) Masterpieces, Uniq Luxury Art - (Mexico) (2021) Tago Art Fair, (Tulum - Mexico) (2020) Arte vivo, Museo Jumex, Mexico City (2020) No name, Museo nacional de arte, (Mexico City)(2020) Urvanity Art Fair, Spain (2020) Modern & Contemporary Art Show, Marbella - Spain (2020) 3ra. Muestra Centro Americana de Arte Emergente en el Museo de Arte y Diseño Contemporáneo de Costa Rica (Costa Rica) (2005) Joven Estampa en la Casa de las Américas Cuba en el Museo de las Américas (Cuba) (2006) Palacio de Bellas Artes México (México) (2006) Exhibition at Sala Clemente Orozco (Mexico) Carlos Merida Museum (Guatemala) Juannio (2005, 2006 and 2007) Finalist and Mention of the contest. Exhibition at the Rozas Botran Foundation (2005) (Guatemala) Palacio Nacional de Cultura, Alianza Francesa (2006) Exhibition CODARTS (2003) (Netherlands)


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