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Adrian Avila

Adrian, born in 1989 in Holguin, Cuba, embarked on a remarkable journey of artistic self-discovery that transcends borders. At the age of 13, he made the transformative move to the United States, carrying his Cuban heritage with him as he embarked on an inspiring creative odyssey.


Adrian's artistic roots in South Florida trace back to his formative years at the New World School of Arts, a distinguished magnet school with national recognition. His dedication and talent earned him a scholarship to attend the prestigious Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California, where he earned his bachelor's degree in art.


Upon graduating, Adrian's career took flight as he delved into the world of editorial illustrations. He lent his artistic talents to renowned companies like Disney and Warner Brothers, contributing to their creative endeavors.

However, his journey took a pivotal turn when he relocated to Wynwood, Miami, to lay the foundations of his burgeoning art career. Wynwood, known for its vibrant arts scene, became the canvas on which Adrian would explore his artistic identity.


Now, at the age of 30, Adrian stands as one of the most prolific and well-known painters in Miami's art district. His impressive portfolio boasts over 30 murals in Wynwood and the surrounding areas, each a testament to his creative evolution and impact on the Miami art scene.





2020 ART WYNWOOD, Miami Art Society Gallery THE LA ART SHOW, Conde Contemporary Gallery LONDON ART, Conde Contemporary Gallery 2019 SCOPE ART SHOW, Miami Art Society Gallery SCORPIO 1969, Conde Contemporary Miami


2020 ART PALM BEACH, Miami Art Society Gallery 2019 CONTEXT ART MIAMI, Blink Group Fine Art Gallery AQUA ART MIAMI, Miami Art Society Gallery

Adrian's studio practice is a deep exploration of the timeless self and its intricate connection to the collective consciousness. His work is informed by his unique experiences as a Cuban-American who has navigated different degrees of indoctrination throughout life, particularly regarding the expression of femininity, knowledge, and power. As a visual anthropologist, he endeavors to document his personal journey of unlearning societal paradigms while forging a profound connection to spirituality, all while crafting a new visual language to dissect the complexities of human emotions. Adrian's art is a language unto itself, expressed through texture, symbols, linear patterns, and sacred geometric shapes. These elements coalesce to illuminate the parallel light that traverses the depths of self-discovery. His work often explores the interplay of texture and symbolism, creating a visual tapestry that beckons viewers to contemplate the intricacies of the human experience. Adrian's creations often delve into themes of celestial significance. "Astros" alludes to the stars and celestial bodies, weaving together astrological forces, archetypes from religious stories, psychological research, and spiritual themes. This intricate tapestry forms the backdrop for his exploration of the self and its place in the universe. "Logos," considered the written word of god, embodies the illumination that courses through Adrian's pieces. It recreates his discernment of emotions through a meticulous process, often initiated with a single dot. His forthcoming work is driven by a profound intention to connect with the divinity inherent in the process of reasoning, inviting viewers to engage with the intricate dance between creativity and spirituality. Adrian's artistic odyssey is a testament to the power of creativity as a bridge between cultures, a medium for introspection, and a profound exploration of the human experience.


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Adrian Avila
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