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Lina Condes


Lina Condes, a contemporary American artist of European descent, is renowned for her stick figure sculptures. She earned her MFA in Fine Arts, Interior, and Furniture Design from Kiev University of Technology and Design. Growing up in the countryside of Cherkasy City, she was immersed in a family of physics and math professors, which fostered her early fascination with industrial materials for sculpting.


Condes' work is conceptually situated at the intersection of heaviness and lightness, as well as high and low art. Her sculptures, crafted from common industrial materials like stainless steel, fiberglass, wood, and stone, aim to portray the emotional and mental experiences of modern individuals authentically. Inspired by the Italian Renaissance, she draws from the anatomical studies of masters such as Giorgio Vasari and Leonardo Da Vinci, utilizing contemporary technologies to reimagine traditional figurative sculpture.


Central to Condes' artistic exploration is "mental states," which encompass a spectrum of emotions and psychological conditions. She blends materials, shapes, and colors to capture these states, treating metal and wood with the reverence typically reserved for bronze and marble in classical sculpture.

Exhibitions and Shows

Market Art and Design. The Hamptons. The White Room Gallery, Bridgehampton, NYC
San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. Summer Exhibition

Christies’ group show “Educate”,NYC.USA
Christmas Public Art Installation. Flashing. Crossing Art Gallery, NYC.USA
Art Miami Public Art Installation. Avant Gallery/Art Miami Organization. FL.USA
Delano Hotel Public Art Installation. Avant Gallery.FL.USA
Group show “Heat”. Biennale di Venezia. Venice, Italy
Solo show “Dwellings of Eternity”. Crossing Art gallery. NYC, USA Art New York. Avant Gallery, NYC, USA
Art Palm Beach. Avant Gallery, FL, USA


2018 Art Miami Pavilion. Avant Gallery, FL Art Display during New York Fashion Week. New York (USA) Art Palm Beach, Avant Gallery, FL (USA) “Eternity” auction by Paddle8 x SOS by Lena Perminova x Magdalena M. Gabriel “Endless Summer” charity auction & golf event. Los Angeles, USA Group show “On the top of the world” (Art Jed Gallery / St. Moritz) 2017 Solo project "Extraterrestrial Odyssey" during Biennale Di Venezia'57 Red Dot Show during Art Basel Miami,FL,USA Fontainbleau Miami Beach (Lina Condes' Art Display during Art Basel Miami),USA Delano South Beach (Lina Condes' Art Display), FL,USA Epic Hotel Art Display (Avant Gallery) during Miami Art Week,FL, USA 2016 Scope Show during Art Basel Miami (Avant gallery Miami,USA Istanbul Contemporary (M17 Contemporary Art Center),Istanbul, Turkey Solo exhibition "Art Fusion" SV gallery. Beirut (Lebanon) Solo exhibition "Hard Art" M17 Contemporary Art Centre. Kiev(Ukraine) International exhibition of sculptures and installations "Open19" Stucco Museum. Venice (Italy) Solo show “Potpourri” Kiev National Museum. Ukraine Art Kiev Contemporary. Ukraine Group show. Historical Chocolate House. Kiev, Ukraine

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