Lina Condes

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Lina Condes is a Ukrainian artist, activist. Future contemporary member Serpentine Galleries /London. Best emerging artist 2016. Creator of Lina became one of the brightest representatives of STEAM movement in her field by combination ART+ Technology. Condes focusing on the creation of large scale, contemporary and interactive ARTificial intelligence “iSculptures”. A former contestant for the Miss Ukraine beauty pageant, Condes redirected her efforts towards art production and design with group projects during Ukrainian Art Week (Kiev), Solo project during Biennale di Venezia, Berlin Fashion Film Festival etc


She incorporates principles of bionic architecture and design into her work. They appear simplistic and crude (the globally-known symbol of the “stick figure” implies a lack of understanding or a refusal to emulate our three-dimensional surroundings), but once finished, they communicate gestures which no machine could fully replicate. A full series these “stick figures” are engaged in motions recalling sexual intercourse; there is no indication of identity, no indication of response or stimulus from these seemingly “dead” pieces of steel. They are rendered via computer technology, but their end result is far from mechanized. In one series, these stick figures embed themselves into the foil wrappings of a standard condom; “protection” in one sense, “freedom” in another.