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Hailing from Spain and born in 1983, Alejandra de la Torre embarked on a creative journey that has been shaped by her educational pursuits. She obtained her Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Universidad Politécnica de Valencia in 2007, which included a transformative year abroad at the Faculdade de Belas Artes in Lisbon during the 2005/06 academic year. Eager to deepen her artistic knowledge, she pursued a Master's in Artistic Production from UPV in 2011/12. Her commitment to artistic growth led her to a Postgraduate degree in Illustration applied to design from IDEP in Barcelona in 2018/19.

Alejandra's artistic journey has been punctuated by her dedication to exploring a multitude of artistic languages, ranging from street art to video-picture installations. Her recent work centers around objects and their significance in our lives, probing the human compulsion to possess and accumulate, the preservation of memories, and the inexorable march of time. 

Beyond these themes, she utilizes objects as narrative tools to delve into topics that captivate her, such as the precarity of labor and gender inequality. Her talent has garnered recognition through grants and scholarships, including the 3CMCV grant in 2015, the "Habitat Artístic" grant from Castellón City Council in 2018 and 2012, and collaboration scholarships with the Polytechnic University of Valencia, further enriching her artistic journey. Since 2003, Alejandra has been a prolific participant in both collective and solo exhibitions across Europe and the USA. Her individual exhibitions, such as "Grow Up" with the assistance of the University of Valencia's art center in 2016, "September" at the Las Naves center in Valencia in 2014, and "Accumulations and Fetishes" at the Diferença Gallery in Lisbon, have left a profound mark in the art world. Among her notable collective exhibitions are "Open Borders" at Odetta Gallery in NY (2019), "Desplazamientos Sediciosos" at Las Naves (2019), and "Arte y Metamorfosis" at Museo del Carmen in Valencia (2015). Alejandra's participation in art fairs, including "Drawing Room" in Madrid (2020), "Mars" in Castellón (2015, 2018, 2019), and "Ikas-Art" in Bilbao as a representative of UPV (2011), has solidified her presence in the contemporary art scene. Alejandra's works find a home in private collections in Spain, the U.K., Portugal, Belgium, and the United States, in addition to the art collections of UPV, Castellón City Council, Valencia City Council, and Paterna City Council. Her artistry is driven by an exploration of attachment, accumulation, fear of emptiness, obsession, possession, and memory. These concepts are woven into her work, which primarily focuses on painting but often incorporates techniques such as drawing, screen printing, transfer, and even physical objects. Her installations seamlessly merge different elements and techniques, engaging viewers by establishing a rhythm of focus. Notably, Alejandra's artistic research celebrates the use of "non-noble" materials and techniques, such as notepads, pages from old books, tickets, and more, creating a sense of familiarity that draws the spectator in. Her art invites us to ponder the ordinary and find beauty in the everyday, reflecting her profound insight into the world of objects and human connections. Alejandra de la Torre Castellón's artistic journey is a captivating exploration of the intersection between art and the tangible world, inviting us to reevaluate our relationships with the objects that shape our lives.


2023 "Nasti de plasti". Espinasse31, Madrid “The last of Inheritances“. Navel Art, Madrid “The Anger“. Hall del Muvim, Valencia 2022 “Bye Bye Souvenir”. Galería 4, Valencia, Spain 2021 “The Beauty of Accumulation." MACVAC, Villafamés, Spain 2018 “Bitter cotton Candy," Mad id Mad SL. Madrid, Spain. 2016 “VHS," Escalera de Incendios, Anaglifos Gallery, Barcelona, Spain “Okay for a trip”, Galería Pepita Lumier, Valencia, Spain “GROW UP” Espai d’art, Nuevo Centro, Valencia, Spain 2015 “Septiembre. Reflections about the act of collecting”, Las Naves, Valencia, Spain 2010 “Accumulations and Fetishes”, Galería Diferença, Lisboa, Portugal


2024 “Aquí cruzan nuestros caminos”. Espinasse 31, Madrid. 2023 “Culture and technological change”. Espacio N-1. UPV, Valencia “Synergies 2.0”. Galería Cuatro, Valencia “The escape”. Linden New Art. Melbourne, Australia 2022 “IN/Discipline”. Sala 30 Gallery, Castellón, Spain 2021 “Enrique Morente Tribute." Sala Las Claras, Plasencia, Spain “Ellas." Galería Cuatro, Valencia, Spain 2020 “Synergies." Galería Cuatro, Valencia, Spain “Online Culture." Centre Cultural del Carmen, Valencia, Spain “How to understand a captivity. 63 days that changed our reality," Las Naves, Valencia, Spain “Valencia Illustrated," Sala Rambleta y Restaurante Mistro, Valencia, Spain 2019 “Seditious Displacements”, Las Naves, Valencia, Spain “No Borders” Odetta Gallery, New York, USA “Artistic Habitat” Scholarships, Centro Cultura, Castellón, Spain 2018 Collective Exhibition, Galería 9, Valencia, Spain 6th Edition of “Mercat Grafic” El diluvio Universal. Barcelona, Spain “Artgemesí”, Algemesí Exhibition Hall, Valencia, Spain “Tribute to Higinio Mateu” Centro Cultural Las Aulas, Castellón “On the counter”, Galería Pepita Lumier, Valencia, Spain Ways to travel, Librería del IVAM, Valencia, Spain 2017 “Astrophytum”. Espacio Hygiene. Valencia, Spain “Summer Art Time” Galería 9, Valencia, Spain “ArtSpaceShip” Galería 9, Valencia, Spain “Collective” Espacio E, León, Spain Meetings of Contemporany Art 2017, MUA, Alicante, Spain 2016 “100 x 100” The Markers, Madrid, Spain 4th Edition “Mercat Grafic” El diluvio Universal, Barcelona, Spain “Meeting III” Galería 9, Valencia, Spain “Mardel Painting Prize”Centro del Carmen, Valencia “Art and Metamorphosis” Sala San Miguel, Caixa Castelló, Castellón, Spain. Centro Cultural Las Cigarreras, Alicante, Spain “16th Edition Painting Prize” University of Murcia, Fundación Pedro Cano, Murcia, Spain 2015 “I posquin you”, 33 Gallery, Valencia, Spain “Art and Metamorphosis”, Sala San Miguel, Caixa Castelló, Castellón, Spain University of Murcia Award, Centro de Arte Palacio Almudí, Murcia, Spain “Mini frames. Host of Cadí” – Museo del Calzado, Cadí. Spain. Sala “Vicente Poveda” Centro Cultural de Petrer. “Las Cigarreras” Alicante, Spain Ibercaja “Young Painting Award” Ibercaja Patio de la Infanta, Zaragoza, Spain 2014 “Select Sum” Atarazanas, Valencia, Spain “Hygiene Cabinet”, Mercado Tapinería, Valencia, Spain 2013 “Valencia Cot” La Petxina Cultural Center, Valencia, Spain, Castelló Cultural Center, Castellón, Spain 2012 “Paterna Biennial”, Paterna, Spain “Hybrida Art Festival” La Nau, Valencia, Spain “Carsa-arte”. Itinerant Exhibition, San Inazio Munincipal Center, Spain. Begoña Munincupal Center, Spain. Otxarkoaga Munincipal Center, Bilbao Spain Center, Otxarkoaga Municipal Center, Bilbao, Spain “7th Arevalo Contemporary Art Fair”, San Martín Church. Espacio Cultural Space of Ávila, Spain 2010 “Summer Group Exhibition”, Galería Pepa Cervera, Rocafort, Spain 2009 “3th Povoa Graffiti Meeting”, Povoa, Portugal Collective Exhibition, Multiespacio Gallery, Valencia, Spain “IV Coruche Biennale”, Alcorucen Event Hall, Coruche, Portugal


2023 Espinasse 31 at Art Context Miami, Miami Verno Art Fair. Espinase 31 Gallery, Verona, Italy Just Lx. Stand S Gallery, Lisboa, Portugal Just Mad. Stand S Gallery (Shaisho Gallery) Just Mad, S Gallery, Madrid, Spain 2021 Feria Stampa, Madrid, Spain “Infinity art” Feria Marte, Castellón, Spain 2020 Stand Galería Pepita Lumier, Drawing Room Fair, Valencia, Spain 2019 Stand ayuntamiento de Castellón, Feria Marte, Castellón 2018 Stand premio Marte, Feria Marte, Castellón 2015 Stand Galería Shira, Feria de Arte Marte, Castellón 2011 Stand Universidad Politécnica de Valencia, Feria de arte IKAS-ART, BEC Bilbao


2022 Winner of “Encarna Jimenez” Urban art contest. Valencia. Spain Winner of “Libertad” prize at Huestes del Cadí mini canvas contest. Alicante, Spain “Camarote” prize finalist. Madrid. Spain 2020 Finalist premio Senyera, Ayuntamiento de Valencia, Valencia, Spain 2018 “Best Castellón Artist” prize for Marte Art Fair, Castellón, Spain Secondary Prize “XXI Mainel Fundation Painting Prize”, Valencia, Spain 2017 Secondary Prize “XX Mainel Fundatión Painting Prize”, Valencia, Spain Selected “XLI Vila de Pego National Painting Prize”, Pego, Spain Selected “EAC Contemporaty Art Meeting”, Alicante, Spain 2016 Acquisition prize “Paterna Biennial”, Paterna, Spain Finalist “IV Mardel Painting Prize”, Mardel Foundation, Alicante, Spain Honorable Mention “XIX Mainel Foundation Painting Prize”, Valencia, Spain Selected “XVII National Painting Context of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts” Valencia, Spain Selected “XL Painting Contest Pego Art Contemporary Museum” Pego, Spain Finalist “4th International Emerging Artist Award Dubai” , Dubai, Arab Emirates 2015 Selected “Murcia University Art Prize”, Murcia, Spain Finalist “Young painter award” Zaragoza, Spain Selected “XXXVI Huestes del Cadí Mini-Canvas Prize” Elda, Spain Finalist “XXXIII S. Soria Painting Prize” Benissa, Spain Finalist “VII Carcaixent Painting Biennial Prize” Carcaixent, Spain 2014 Finalist Valencia Cuna Award, Valencia, Spain Plastic Arts Award Finalist University of Seville, Sevilla, Spain 2013 Finalist Valencia Cuna Award, Valencia, Spain Plastic Arts Award Finalist University of Seville, Sevilla, Spain 2012 Selected Carsa-Art Award. International Painting Competition “Art and Technology” 2010 Second Prize Winner at the Sports Painting Contest, Universidad Politécnica de Valencia, Valencia, Spain 2009 Prize winner of the Lisbon Urban Art Festival, organised by the Lisbon City Council, Lisbon, Portugal Finalist in the IV Bienal de Coruche, Coruche, Portugal


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