DANIEL TUMMOLILLO  Astronauta blu(2015); Silkscreen print in 3 colours on paper; 35x50cm (
DANIEL TUMMOLILLO  Astronauta blu(2015); Silkscreen print in 3 colours on paper; 35x50cm (

Daniel Antonio Tummolillo is a theatrical technician which has collaborated with the historic Teatro Piccolo in Milan and has been teaching Serigraphy at the “Accademia di Brera” for the past eight years. His artistic research follows a dual-track - screen printing as a means of finding his own artistic identity and craftsmanship.

Since childhood Daniel has always been drawing and, thanks to the passion of his own father for visual arts, he has always been in touch with the world of art in general. He began focalizing on the silkscreen process while studying at the world-famous “Accademia di Brera” of Milan. “During my years of study at the Brera Academy, I was able to get closer to the silk-screening process, finding in this technique a certain "magic" and a "passion" that has now been accompanying me for 15 years, continuing to stimulate curiosity about the expressive possibilities that you can achieve”. After his studies, DanieI began teaching and managing screen printing workshops, first at the “Fondazione Cova” of Milan and now at the "Accademia di Brera".

Espinasse31 had the pleasure to accompany Daniel for his first collective art exhibition on the 16th of June 2017. In the artist's words: “I feel a strange feeling about it, a mixture of curiosity and fear. I have always avoided showing the silkscreens I have created over the years, maybe I was a little afraid, a little jealous of my work, and a bit because when I print I do it for myself. It is almost a catharsis against all that surrounds me, I find pleasure in the possibility of playing in total freedom with different images and letting myself being carried away depending on the colors I have at my disposal at a certain time”.​

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