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Carlos Luna

Carlos Luna is regarded as one of the foremost contemporary Cuban painters, part of a generation of international artists who have lived and worked in the USA for the last two decades and paved the way for new kinds of painting.


Luna was born in Cuba in Pinar Del Rio province in 1969. He studied painting in San Alejandro Fine Art Academy and later finished his studies at the National School or Art. His work evidences a long-standing interest in the vernacular culture and oral literature associated with proverbs, sayings and riddles, incorporating dense pencil scribbles into the painting's surface as an extension of the temporality of text into the imaginary. These graffiti-like scrawls subverts the calligraphic gestures of an artist like Jackson Pollock into more stable references, using the language of painting to create a form of visual literacy, while introduce elements of vernacular culture into a mainstream artistic practices.


In 2002, Luna moved to USA, a personal and professional transition signaled by an important change in his work, which was increasingly marked by his love of vernacular poetry, a fascination for popular mythology and an engagement with silent movies, cultural heritage, personal identity and Cuban landscapes.

Dr. Barbaro Martinez Ruiz


Luna’s distinct visual vocabulary and his technical virtuosity has been widely recognized and he is the only living Latin artist that has been selected for a joint exhibit with the works of Pablo Picasso. Espinasse31represented him with a solo show at Scope Miami 2017.

Carlos Luna


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