Carlos Cesar Alves (b. Brazil, 1964) is as enigmatic as a painter as he is as an individual. His artistic influences stem from European Modernism to American Abstract Field paintings, mainly seen through the large expanses of color which cover great parts of his canvases. Among a plethora of styles, Carlos is also largely influenced by the Dada movement, as his paintings employ ready-made objects, collage, and assemblage with strong references to industrialism. 


Prior to becoming a renowned and prolific artist, Carlos was a high-level General Motors executive in Brazil and a Citibank project manager of technology in the US for 12 years. Not only this is an unusual professional background for an artist, but Carlos also has a condition that greatly conflicts with his artistic practice: his eyes lack the color-sensitive pigment in the cells of his retina, making him fully color blind.

Nevertheless, the overwhelmingly colorful works of Carlos Cesar Alves tell a visually rich narrative through pigment, shape, form, and polished textures. For Carlos, the canvas serves as both a mask and a magnifying lens, allowing him to choose when to reveal important elements of himself and of his world through mark-making and layers of paint. His art is very much process-based and autobiographical in nature, and his canvases reveal an author whose mind is mathematically-bound and full of dichotomies.


His works are in the collections of the Tamis River in Paris, la Plana Holding in Miami, Anderson Klein (TV star in Brazil) and other private collectors. Some of his major exhibitions include: Miami River Art Fair - Brazilian Pavilion, Wynwood Gallery Walk Art & Design Gallery, St. Paul's Gallery, ARTBRAZIL 2015, Gallery of the Amazing Things, Gab Studio Miami, The Avenue Loft Gallery, ArtServe Gallery, Fort Lauderdale Museum of Art, Gallery Six, Sunset Isle II Gallery. He has participated in several festivals especially in the artistic community contest of Wynwood, Miami; he was elected winner of the 2016 edition of the “Art Brasil Best in Show.”​




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