Alex Korolkovas (b. 1969, São Caetano do Sul, São Paulo) is a Brazilian artist and photographer. He began his career as a creative in 1992 in California, where he studied at the Art Center College of Design (Pasadena), and worked as an assistant to photographers such as Earl Miller - one of the most renowned names in American erotic photography at the time. From then on, Korolkovas developed his trademark: a provocative, fashion-informed, and refined approach to nude photography. Now, having become an established name in the world of fashion photography, Korolkovas is based in NY, where he continues to create and seek out inspiration from different places and subjects.

One of the Korolkovas’ fine art projects that is worth highlighting is his Valentina exhibition: a tribute to the 50-year anniversary of Guido Crepax’s erotic comics. Korolkovas, who fell in love with the series in the late 1980s, aimed to personify their protagonist - Valentina, an Italian sex symbol - through the image of model Barbara Nogueira. Korolkovas produced fourteen images in methacrylate, which he then adapted into diverse formats, such as serigraphy on plexiglass or stencil graffiti. Of this project, the artist says: "I’ve been a Valentina fan for over 20 years, for the richness of character and amazing imagery. I have always wanted to find a woman who embodied it. So it was with Barbara, who in spite of never been on an erotic shoot before, incorporated her true essence".

Among the many awards received by Korolkovas are the Visual Press Awards in Florida (in 2016 for Fine Art Photography, and in 2017 for Best Solo Exhibition), his nomination to the 2006 Abril Prize of Journalism (photo essay category), and his addition to the Top 10 fashion creatives of Casa de Criadores in 2004.  His most important exhibits have included a solo show at St. Paul Gallery (Miami), and group shows at the Art and Design Gallery (Miami), The Saints NYC (New York), and Saccaro (Miami). Korolkovas has also participated in international art fairs such as Art Brazil, ArtServe in Fort Lauderdale, and Art Basel Miami. In fashion, Korolkovas has photographed for the best Brazilian designers, including Jorge Bischoff, Reinaldo Lourenço, Glória Coelho, Pedro Lourenço, and Cavalera. He currently collaborates with Brazilian magazines such as TRIP, VIP, MIXMAG, INKED, BRIDESTYLE, SEXY, LOUNGE, VOGUE, as well as international publications such as Stern (Germany), NERVE (NY/USA) and DP Photographer (Portugal).


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