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9 April | 11 MAY, 2024


We have chosen LIFE as the title for this new exhibition at Espinasse31 Milano, which summarizes some exhibitions in the galleries of Milan and Madrid over the past year because in all the exhibitions the artists have represented, in their own way, ideas, concepts, objects, and moods that recall important things and moments of their lives.


The exhibition also aims to underline Espinasse31's willingness to enhance its artists by offering them the opportunity to showcase their works to an ever wider audience through not only participating in international fairs but also by proposing them in different locations of the gallery with solo and collective shows.

Upon arrival at the gallery, works by Daniil Vasiliev immediately immerse the viewer in memories of the past and a future full of uncertainties. In his works, tenderness intertwines with brutality, childhood memories interact with contemplations of the future, and mystical and fantastical elements co-exist with realism.

Marcello Silvestre known for his captivating exploration of realism, adds another layer of depth to the LIFE exhibition. His works resonate with intricate details and emotive storytelling, offering a contrast to the ethereal and surreal elements presented by Vasiliev.

Alejandra De La Torre began to work on her “Bye Bye Souvenir” series during the COVID-19 pandemic. This series represents what we lost because of the pandemic - our freedom of movement. Meanwhile, in Oton’s series “Más que un niño,” the most famous cartoons of popular culture transform into burlesque imitations of ourselves in these fresh and spontaneous works.

In the installation "Rains”, 36 raw slate stones symbolizing the Earth hang from metal cables, suspended in space before touching a black mirror. This portrayal captures the fleeting moment before life meets eternity.


Another piece, the "XXI Century Church Chandelier," crafted from metal bars and concrete cylinders, represents extinguished candles, petrified souls, and vacant temples. This sculpture reflects on the symbolism of structure, depicting the contrast between the expected warmth of human spirit and the harsh reality of rigid materials. Through their art, Dmitrii Khramov and Maria Khramova explore the interplay between the living and the inanimate, spiritualizing the non-living, which also bears traces of life and time.


9 April – 15 June


Viale Espinasse 31, 


Open by appointment


Harmony of Contrast Vernissage
Harmony of Contrast Vernissage
Jul 04, 2024, 6:00 PM GMT+2

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Daniil Vasiliev
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