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As architects and artists, we, Dmitrii Khramov and Mariia Khramova, are deeply committed to the transformation and enrichment of urban spaces through our creative endeavors. With a profound passion for both architecture and art, we have merged these disciplines to explore the dynamic interplay between aesthetics and function, transforming cities into living works of art.

Our artistic journey began in the heart of Russia, where we were born in Samara, a city that has left an indelible mark on our artistic sensibilities. With a shared background in architecture and a profound connection to our hometown, we have spent years honing our skills, expanding our horizons, and collaborating on numerous projects that have reshaped the urban landscape.

For nearly three decades, we have been architects and professors, contributing to the architectural fabric of our region and nurturing the next generation of architects. Simultaneously, we have embarked on a parallel path as artists, establishing and leading the urban studies Workshop known as "ARTPOLIS." This platform has allowed us to channel our creativity into initiatives that transcend traditional artistic boundaries and foster a dialogue between art, architecture, and the community.

Our artistic journey has been punctuated by a series of significant projects and exhibitions that have resonated with diverse audiences. These include the "The city in art, art in the city" exhibition, which marked the inception of GORFESTART, the Art festival ARTPOLIS, the captivating project "Les Cabanons" pavilions at the French-Russian Cultural Center in Marseille, and the innovative "New art in old walls" exhibition at the New Space gallery. Our dedication to enriching our city is also demonstrated through initiatives such as "ArchGastroli," the "StreetArtFest" event, and the "Samara Fountains" workshop. These projects have not only added a touch of artistry to urban spaces but have also fostered a sense of community and cultural vibrancy. One of our most cherished endeavors is the sculpture dedicated to Marius Petipa, "Dance architecture," located at Kuybyshev Square park. This project was awarded an honorable mention at the London International Creative Competition (LICC), underlining the impact of our work on a global scale. In recent years, our artistic journey has continued to evolve, with projects like "Black Square" and "MAMA," which earned us international recognition and placements in esteemed exhibitions. Our "Rain" installation, showcased in Venice, Italy, as part of the 17th edition of the Arte Laguna Prize, and as a winner at the Bolzano Art Weeks, further illustrates our commitment to pushing artistic boundaries. Our artistic vision is a reflection of our shared love for architecture and the urban environment, which we seek to enrich through innovative art projects. Our goal is to inspire and transform the cities we work in, to foster a deep connection between art, architecture, and the community, and to leave a lasting artistic legacy that transcends time and place. Dmitrii Khramov and Mariia Khramova Architects and Artists




My mom died from COVID-19 in the winter of 2021. All my thoughts were about how quicklylife goes by. As a person, his dreams, plans and hopes can disappear in an instant. At this time, I accidentally saw information about the competition on the Internet, the topic of which coincided with my thoughts. Then my only desire was to visualize the image of the loss of a loved one. I didn't expect to win the competition. This is a very personal story for me. 

The installation consists of four structures - four white letters "MAMA" (cubes-frames 2 x 2

meters), which are formed by freely hanging ribbons. When the wind blows, like the last breath, the ribbons flutter and the letters come to life. The multi-layered designs of the letters represent a sculpture, an image of corporeality. The meaning of the installation lies in the transition of this corporeality into ephemerality, the disappearance of corporeality.

Only one sigh separates Life from Death. The fragility of Life and the transition to Death in reality you realize when there is not enough air. Together with the person, his dreams and plans disappear. My mother and I dreamed of going to the Alps, to Grenoble, to my son, her grandson in the summer of 2021. Mom died, now it won't happen. But still, Mom, I'll show you the Alps.

Val Badia, Dolomites, Italy, 2021.

The winners for the 5th international Land Art biennial in the Dolomites SMACH.2021 (Constellation of art, culture & history in the Dolomites)


The installation - while it’s raining… is an experience of a fading tactility, a tactility that permeates you through and through. Pieces of falling rough reality, like pixels of life, like moments of eternity. You are waiting for them, they are near, they pass through you to sink into Eternity and be reflected in your memories.

From the ceiling, from a height of 9 meters, 36 rough slate stones hang on metal cables in a clear, defined structure. Stones, the personification of the Earth, Matter break through space and seem to freeze at different heights before touching the black mirror. A moment before the collision with Eternity. While it’s raining…

Снимок экрана 2023-10-17 в 17.32.58.png
Снимок экрана 2023-10-17 в 17.45.57.png
Снимок экрана 2023-10-17 в 17.49.23.png

Venice, Italy, 2023 .

The finalist artists for the 17th edition Arte Laguna Prize. 2022. Category: SCULPTURE AND INSTALLATION.

Exhibition at the Arsenale of Venice


Life Break.

Life goes on and changes irrevocably.

From pain to happiness.

The mirror angle breaks and changes Life.

The mirror angle is us.

We tear Life, Earth and Sky, we do it unconsciously.

We are always in a change of poles of

perception of Good and Evil, Black and White.

For the Arte Laguna Prize. Category: PAINT

Installation, artists, 2022



For the Arte Laguna Prize. Category: PAINT. Artists

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