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Spanish painter 


Moisés Yagües (Murcia, 1972) lives and works in Murcia. He is a creator of simple yet imaginative work that seeks to tell stories. Currently, he works and exhibits in galleries in Spain and various Asian countries (Taiwan and South Korea). In recent years, he has showcased his artwork at contemporary art fairs in South Korea, Taiwan, Germany, Chile, Sweden, and Spain. He has received grants from the Joan Miró Foundation (Mallorca), Casa Falconieri (Sardinia), the Guanlan Art Center (China), and the Kloster Bentlage Art Center (Germany).

Yagües envisions the interior of the human head and body as a place where stories unfold, where ideas come to life in a literal sense. His caricatured characters, full of energy and exuding tenderness, have already brought smiles to corners around the world through exhibitions in Taiwan, South Korea, Germany, Sweden, China, the United States, and Japan, to name a few.

In Yagües's imagination, references and nods to art history stand out. This admiration for the masters is reflected in the series "The Helpers of Artists," featuring his recurring "helpers" who, with their rollers, ladders, scaffolding, and paint buckets, strive to complete the works of artists such as Miró, Picasso, Haring, Rothko, Mondrian, Calder, among others. His depiction of surrealistic situations and schematic characters draws influence from comics, illustration, pop art, and street art, among other sources. He continues to paint in pursuit of the most liberated creation and a wholly personal universe, with a fresh and carefree style, a well-established iconography, and a desire to tell stories that has also led him to work as an illustrator for books for both children and adults. His work will soon be exhibited at fairs such as Art Central (Hong Kong), Art Karlsruhe (Germany), Art021 (Shanghai), and Art Solo and Art Taipei (Taiwan).


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2012. 2nd International Award for Etching and Wine Dinastía Vivanco / Design College La Rioja. 2011. Finalist IV International Award for Illustrated Albums Compostela. 2008. Corzón Award. XVI National Awards for Graphic Work. Marbella Museum 2007. 1st Award of National Engraving. Contest of Graphic Art. Young Creators. Madrid. 1st Award IX Contest of Young Creation City of Almería 2006. 2nd Award XXXIV International Award for Etching Carmen Arozena. Excellency Inter-Island council of La Palma


International Centre of Graphic Art.Ljubljana. Slovenia Experimental Project. Bucharest. Rumanía Art Centre Kloster Bentlage. Rheine. Germany Museum Burg Vischering. Lüdinghausen. Germany Graphic Work Museum of Guanlan Print. Shenzhen. China Pilar and Joan Miró Foundation. Palma de Mallorca. Spain National Engraving. Madrid. Spain National Library. Madrid. Spain Foundation C.I.E.C (Centro Internacional de la Estampa Contemporánea) Betanzos. A Coruña Etching Museum of Acqui Terme. Italy Inter-Island Museum of the Excellency council of La Palma (Canary Islands) Museo del Grabado Español Contemporáneo Foundation. Marbella. Spain Local council of Quart de poblet. Valencia. Spain Local council of Las Rozas. Madrid. Spain Local council of Almería. Spain Casa de la Moneda Foundation. Madrid. Spain CEIM Foundation. Madrid. Spain Local council of Ceutí. Murcia. Spain Local council of Cartagena. Spain Local council of Murcia. Spain


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31.01.24 – 20.04.24



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