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4 July | 24 September, 2024


Espinasse31 Contemporary Art Gallery returns to Monte Carlo with "Harmony of Contrast", a 
dual exhibition showcasing the works of Italian sculptor Marcello Silvestre (b. 1989) and Adam Lucey (b. 1993), to be held at the Meridien Beach Plaza - 22 Av. Princesse Grâce, 98000 Monaco. This exhibition is a highlight of Monaco Art Week and will coincide with other prestigious events such as the Monte Carlo Yacht Show. 

As suggested by its title, "Harmony of Contrast" aims to explore the fusion of two distinct artistic styles. Despite their differences, these styles complement each other, offering viewers a captivating visual experience. This carefully curated exhibition illustrates how contrasting artistic approaches can converge to create a symphony of visual delight, transitioning from Marcello Silvestre's classical compositions to the playful yet geometric street art of Adam Lucey. 

Marcello Silvestre, born in Naples in 1977, has led a remarkable artistic journey since earning his architecture degree in 2004. Blending imagination and poetry, he is acclaimed for his sculptures, designs, and architectural work, earning awards like the Targa d’oro. His recent sold-out exhibit at Art Miami and solo show in Milan's Zaha Hadid-designed City Life building, titled "Form Follows Meaning," showcase his talent. The "Harmony of Contrast" exhibition highlights two key series. "Man, Soul, and Time" explores human resilience and inner connection, featuring a 3D-printed set called "The Waits," symbolizing hope amid change. And "Invisible Cities," inspired by Italo Calvino's novel, delves into the relationship between people and urban spaces. Silvestre's art, a blend of materials and emotion, invites viewers to reflect on human complexity and the importance of our surroundings. 

Adam Lucey, known for his unconventional style, has honed a distinct visual identity marked by vibrant colors, bold lines, geometric abstraction, and a hint of humor. Through a masterful blend of mixed media, particularly acrylic and spray paint, he crafts captivating artworks that are visually pleasing. Lucey's aim is simple: to bring joy to viewers through his art. It is to be noted that all works part of this exhibition were conceived and realized in 2019 during the artist's stay at Espinasse31 residency program in Milan.


4 July - 29 September, 2024


Meridien Beach

Plaza on 22 Av. Princesse Grâce, 98000 Monaco.


Harmony of Contrast Vernissage
Harmony of Contrast Vernissage
Jul 04, 2024, 6:00 PM GMT+2

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