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Adry Balbo



Adry Balbo, a native of Argentina, has embarked on a lifelong journey of artistic exploration and growth. Graduating as a Fine Art professor from the University of Fine Arts Rogelio Yrurtia de Mataderos, she initially delved into painting before expanding her horizons into the world of theater.

Balbo's life revolves around her passion for art, manifesting in two distinct yet interconnected forms. Through her work in interpretation, she becomes a conduit for conveying messages on stage, while her painting serves as a deeply personal expression of her thoughts and emotions, capturing them on canvas or wall. She pioneers various aspects of Live Painting, often incorporating recycled materials to advocate for environmental awareness, even employing photocatalyzing paints to absorb carbon monoxide.

Her artistic prowess extends beyond the studio, as she has lent her talents to numerous marketing campaigns for renowned brands such as Levi's, Coca Cola, and Warner Bros, among others. Additionally, Balbo serves as the coordinator for the Movement Muralists Against Bullying, engaging students from diverse schools in addressing social issues through collaborative mural projects.

In a testament to her commitment to social causes, Balbo volunteers her time painting shelters in emergency areas and actively participates in ecological events like the Sustainable Festival and the Bioferia in South America. Her impact has resonated across borders, with exhibitions and festivals showcasing her work in countries such as Costa Rica, Panama, Spain, and Brazil.



Adry Balbo: A Global Collaboration with Renowned Brands

Adry Balbo took on the role of the artist entrusted with reshaping the identity of a brand.


Collaborating with the adidas Mexico team during the official opening of a basketball court, she curated an experience tailored specifically for women.

The artist draws inspiration from "Renacer" (Rebirth), a piece where she skillfully combines movement and painting to convey a message of freedom, strength, and the everyday challenges we encounter.

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