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Italian visual artist, based between London and Milan


Gustavo Oviedo is a contemporary artist born in Paris, raised in Colombia, Venezuela and Mexico and living and working in Miami for the last two decades. Oviedo describes his mark-making as a visual language that he discovered and tapped into during his early years working strictly as a graffiti artist growing up in France and later Miami.


His work has delveloped from these early creative roots to highly colorful, graphic-oriented forms inspired by his love of the sea. An avid diver, Oviedo finds inspiration directly from the marine ecosphere and Islandia. His work as a muralist, videographer, sculptor and painter centralizes the pivotal role nature plays in human existence.


Oviedo's large-scale public murals, short films and paintings reflect his signature stylized forms that exude an electric cartoon-like quality.

In his short films — through both visual and sound design — Oviedo presents a dynamic community of otherworldly, undersea creatures and dream-like terrains in which individual inhabitants contribute to daily life.  His work reflects his fascination with the symbiosis and collaboration in the underwater world, where fish and sea creatures incorporate found objects and make them functional in a new environment. Oviedo’s recent investigations specifically incorporate research on the concept of biomimicry and how natural selection in nature can translate to the principles of human engineering. He conceptually and aesthetically centralizes the role nature plays in human existence, opening a dialogue with the public, encouraging them to allow themselves to be influenced by their surroundings, in a symbiotic way, in order to acquire a new percepcion of our environment. Gustavo has published several art books of his shows and participated in many art workshops organized by the Young at Art Museum and De la Cruz Collection. His body of work encompasses numerous group and solo expositions during the last 20 years, some private (Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science, Chotto Matte Miami, The Standard, The Marseilles Hotel), other corporate (Stella Artois, Xerox, Louis Vuitton). More recently, public commissions (Adrienne Arsht-Rockefeller Foundation Resilience Center with Miami-Dade County) signed with the artist's distinctive textured moniker “131” signature are part of the artist's legacy.

Solo Exhibitions:

2022 ”Lucid Dreams”, MTN Space Gallery, Lake Worth, Florida

2022 ”Forms of Nature”, The Citadel, Little River, Miami

2021 ”Biomorphic”, Museum of Graffiti Private Gallery, Wynwood, Miami

2020 ”Symbiosis”, Museum of Graffiti, Wynwood, Miami

2019 ”No Rush”, Miami Art Society Gallery, Miami 2017 ”Boatski Tours”, Biscayne Nature Center, Key Biscayne 2016 "CXXXI", Iconic Design Gallery, Miami  2015 "The New Past", Art and Culture Center of Hollywood  2015 "Une Promenade Sur La Plage", The Bakehouse Art Complex, Miami  2014 "Limulidae", Young at Art Museum, Broward  2014 "Nothing Goes To Waste", Art Center South Florida, Miami  2009 "Southern Hospitality", Bakehouse Art Complex, Miami  2003 "D.Dade", Objex Artspace, Miami

Group Exhibitions:

2022 ”Structured”, group show at Pen Projects Gallery

2019 ”Paradigm Shift”, group show at the Miami Art Society Gallery

2019 ”Symbiosis”, mural commissioned by The Marseilles Hotel 2019 ”Logograms”, installation commissioned by Young at Art Museum, Broward 2018 ”New Lands”, Jen Tough Gallery, San Francisco 2018 ”The Sultry State”, FAT Village Projects Space, Fort Lauderdale 2018 ”Frozen in Time”, installation commissioned by Young at Art Museum, Broward 2018 ”Tropical Osmosis”, mural commissioned by Chotto Matte, Miami Beach 2018 ”Miami River”, Hibiscus Gallery, Pinecrest Gardens 2017 ”SIXTH”, Bridge Red Studios 2016 ”From Eden to Sahara”, 131 Projects 2015 “Unfound”, mural commissioned by the University of Miami 2014 “Little Haiti Country Club”, Little Haiti 2014 “Low Tide Shopping”, Swampspace 2014 “In Deep Exhibit”, Deering Estate 2014 “Some Like It Hot”, History Miami Museum 2013 “Concrete Paradise: Miami Marine Stadium”, Coral Gables Museum 2013 “Backyard Paradise”, Swamp Space 2013 “I-95 South”, Art Center / South Florida 2013 “All-Media Juried Biennial”, Art and Culture Center of Hollywood 2013 “62nd Florida Juried Exhibition”, Boca Museum of Art, Boca Raton 2013 “Lexicon”, Young at Art Museum 2012 “Art Live Fair” benefiting the Lotus House 2012 “Rigid”, NOW Contemporary Art 2012 “Nw 6th av and 27th st” The Margulies Collection at the Warehouse 2011 “Wynwood Art Fair” benefiting the Lotus House 2011 "Monitoring art v2", O Cinema, Miami 2009 "Optic Nerve XI", Moca Museum of Contemporary Art, North Miami 2009 "Analog / Digital - Part 2", Miami Beach Regional Library, Miami 2009 “Deconstruction” included to the MDPLS’s Vasari Project 2008 "Pixelmania", Borscht Film Festival, Miami 2008 "TimeLine", 131 Projects, Miami 2007 "Optic Nerve IX", Moca Museum of Contemporary Art, North Miami 2007 "Concrete or Abstract", Gallery 138, Miami 2005 "Miami Short Film Festival", Miami 2002 "Silent Struggle", Objex Artspace, Miami 1999 "Art Loves Downtown Miami", Green Door Gallery, Miami


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