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Espinasse31 gallery was established in 2016 by Antonio Castiglioni a Milanese “tax & financial consultant” after falling in love with street art and because of his personal experience following the artists painting the walls in Wynwood, Miami, Florida from 2013. In 2015 Mr. Castiglioni went to Havana with the idea to open an artist residency there with a Miami artist “2 Alas”. The Havana project failed, so he decided to open an Artist Residency in Milan in 2016, inviting the artists that he met in the previous years.

In 2021 Thomas Castiglioni joined the gallery after graduating from the International University of Monaco with a degree in Public Relations and Marketing in Luxury Goods and gaining some experience at Pace Gallery in Geneva and Thaddaeus Ropac in London.

Espinasse31 Gallery operates across Milan, Madrid, Monte-Carlo, and Miami, with its own galleries and with expositions in hotels and art fairs, bridging the gap between American and European artists.

Our mission is to foster cultural exchange and to provide a platform for emerging artists by giving them residency opportunity in Milan and accommodating their chance to gain experience with collectors and to be introduced to a wider public, as well as to exchange experience with other artists of the gallery.

We select the artists based on our personal art taste with reference to their works and the personal relationship/feeling we have with the artists, inviting them to spend some time to live and work in our Residency location in Milan.

We are dedicated to supporting and promoting our Italian and Spanish artists in the evolution of their career by helping them and bringing them step by step to the public of collectors in USA; and bringing our American artists to the European (especially in Italy and Spain) collectors.

Espinasse31 Gallery, Liquid Blue
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