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Following the sold-out success in December at the Context Art Fair in Miami, we decided to dedicate a solo show to Marcello Silvestre that continues the "form follows meaning" series initiated in September 2020 in the lobby of the C4 building designed by Zaha Hadid in Citylife Milan, exhibiting 3 sculptures that partly reflect Marcello's artistic journey. A beacon of modernity and a masterpiece of architecture, the Zaha Hadid Residences create a unique context around the exhibition. "Form Follows Meaning" (whose title derives from "form follows function," a fundamental principle of design) strongly focuses on forms derived from the intersection of art, design, and architecture.


The conceptual background of the exhibition also aims to celebrate Zaha Hadid's legacy. Her introduction of revolutionary ideas in her field, as well as in those of art and design, is summarized by one of her quotes in particular: "It is not always necessary to display art in what is called a white box. You can have a sort of complexity within an exhibition, which actually also respects art."


The identity of Espinasse31, reflected through the promotion of contemporary muralism and unorthodox artistic presentations, is closely tied to this philosophy. Silvestre's works integrate into the space in which they are presented, while still maintaining a strong identity of their own. "Form Follows Meaning" expresses the following message: regardless of the form of the artwork, the meaning prevails.

For more information, images and prices, please contact:

Thomas Castiglioni, Gallery


14 March – 29 September


Lobby of the C4 building designed by Zaha Hadid in Citylife Milan

Write us for know more about available artworks and prices 

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