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Born in 1996 in Cuba, Alejandra Glez's artistic journey began as a self-taught artist. She embarked on her artistic path without formal training, relying on her innate talent and curiosity. Her studies took her to Madrid, Spain, where she continued to hone her craft. Growing up, she explored various forms of artistic expression and discovered her passion for challenging stereotypes associated with the female body.


Alejandra's work is a testament to her commitment to breaking societal norms. She draws inspiration from Afro-Caribbean religions, exploring themes of spirituality, collective memory, and the profound connection between humans and the sea. In her artistic practice, she employs a variety of mediums and techniques, 

including photography, video art, digital art, installation, and performance. This versatility allows her to convey her ideas in diverse and compelling ways, pushing the boundaries of traditional artistic expression. Alejandra Glez's artistic journey is an inspiring testament to the limitless potential of self-expression. Her work challenges norms, sparks dialogue, and invites viewers to engage with the rich tapestry of human existence through the lens of art. Alejandra's innovative approach to art has garnered attention both nationally and internationally. Some of her standout projects exhibited in: Afro-Brazilian History and Culture Museum (Brazil), Thyssen-Bornemisza National Museum (Spain), Aurora Vigil-Escalera Gallery (Spain), Acacia Gallery in Havana (Cuba), Arsenale venue of the Venice Biennale (Italy), XIII Havana Biennial (Cuba), ENAIRE Foundation (Spain), Winner of the VI ENAIRE Foundation Young Photography Award, and participant in the PHotoESPAÑA 2021 Festival. Pioneering the NFT art market as the first Cuban artist. Inclusion in private collections spanning the United States, Spain, Peru, France, Portugal, Belgium, Israel, Mexico, and Cuba.


2023 "Daughter" Tel-Aviv, Israel. "Ritual Prayers and Altars". Performance at the Museum of History and CultureAfro-Brazilian, Curated by David Barro. Rio de janeiro Brazil. "Reborn". Performance at the Thyssen-Bornemisza national museum, as part of the “Visión y Presencia” performance cycle. Curated by Semíramis González. Madrid, Spain. 2021 Recover the Body, cycle The Present is | Woman. Virtual exhibition. Curator: Samara Pascual Migale. El ParaVirtual, Virtual Cultural Center. The Journey Traveled: Works by Alejandra Glez 2018 Curated by Semiramis González. Aurora Vigil-Escalera, Madrid, Spain.


2023 Finalist exhibition for the 12th edition of the International Biennial of Contemporary Photography Pilar Citoler from the University of Córdoba. Preview, Collective exhibition. Belard Gallery. Portugal Lisbon Art Miami 2023. Aurora Vigil Gallery Stand – Escalera. USA, Miami. Women between utopia and dystopia. Curated by Concha Fontela San Juan. Havana Factory. Havana Cuba. Estampa 2023. Aurora Vigil-Escalera Gallery Stand. Madrid, Spain. Women at Work, Curated by Daniella Rangel and Ed Steinberg. Cuban Gallery Fine Arts. New York, USA. Mare Terra, Collective exhibition of the Embarrat festival. Trepat Museum. Tarrega, Spain. 2022 Salamander collective exhibition. Miami, USA. Collective exhibition of Digital Synthesis. Madrid Spain Meaning processes. Group exhibition at the end of Master PHotoEspaña at the Alcobendas Arts Center, Madrid, Spain Dissidence of the body. Curated by Patricia Kasaeva. Haba Gallery Gallery. Barcelona, ​​Spain Beautiful and Tasty. Curated by Nancy Mookiena. Nina Menocal Gallery. Mexico City, Mexico Feminine Object. Curated by Sara Zaldívar. Lola Garage Space. Madrid Spain ARCOmadrid 2022. ENAIRE Foundation Stand, Photography Award 2021 Laguna Art in Mauritius. Curated by Caudan Arts Center Lakaz de Art. Mauricio Arte Laguna Prize – Final Exhibition Venice 2020.2021. Curated by Igor Zanti and Matteo Galbiati. Venice Italy Long live Devolution. Curated by Patricia González Kasaeva. Exposure organized by HabaGallery in the creative space Utopia 126. Barcelona, ​​Spain JustMAD 2021. Palacio Neptuno contemporary art fair, Madrid, Spain A Radical Feminist Sheet Music. Curated by Semiramis González and Paula Seoane. MIA Art Collection virtual exhibition. PHotoEspaña 2021 Exhibition, together with JUSTMAD and the Photography Award Young ENAIRE Foundation. Royal Botanical Garden of Madrid, Spain Artists in action II. Curated by Concha Fontenla. Virtual exhibition at Galería Factoría Habana, Havana, Cuba 2020 Deformes 2020. First International Performance Triennial organized by virtually, Valparaíso, Chile Endurance. Curated by Maylín Pérez Parrado. Virtual exhibition with several Latin American artists organized by the Photo Library of Panama Living Away Fest. Virtual Festival, New York, United States Listen to me! Group exhibition of Cuban artists at the Da2 Museum, in collaboration with the Luciano Méndez Collection, Salamanca, Spain Isolation. Virtual exhibition of several Cuban artists in collaboration with Art Code Space Image/Imaginaries. Curated by Jorge Peré. Virtual exhibition of the Taller Gorría Gallery in collaboration with Tunturuntú and Fonoma Cuba, Havana, Cuba Pixan Vol. II. Casa Pixan, Mexico City, Mexico The art of not being silent. Curated by Jorge Peré. Taller Gorría Gallery, Havana, Cuba From the prejudice of truths. Cuban Art Factory, Havana, Cuba Diverse Virtual. Exhibited on the official website of the Spanish Cooperation Training Center and in collaboration with La Fanzine, Antigua, Guatemala IV online call. Virtual exhibition organized by Lumina Gallery Quarantine. Virtual exhibition organized by Building Bridges Art Exchange I Ibero-American Festival of Video Art and Animation “Zero Violence against Women”. Virtual exhibition at the Women's Museum, Costa Rica Post-it 7. Exhibition at Galiano Gallery, Havana, Cuba 2019 A round-trip. Luciano Méndez Collection. DA2 Museum, Salamanca, Spain Puzzle. Curated by Jorge Peré. Taller Gorría Gallery, Havana, Cuba Image and likeness. Cuban Art Factory, Havana, Cuba Behind the wall. XIII Havana Biennial, Havana, Cuba The Open-Studio Platform. XIII Havana Biennial, Havana, Cuba Of present body. Photographic exhibition. La Nave Gallery, Havana, Cuba JustLX. Lisbon Contemporary Art Fair, Lisbon, Portugal 2018 Night backs. La Acacia Gallery, Havana, Cuba What does an anarcho-feminist want? Cuban Art Factory, Havana, Cuba It's me. El Artista Gallery, Havana, Cuba Postures and impostures. Cuban Art Factory, Havana, Cuba JustMAD 2018. Contemporary art fair, Madrid, Spain JustLX. Lisbon Contemporary Art Fair, Lisbon, Portugal Art Madrid. Contemporary art fair, Madrid, Spain 2016 Opening. Strawberry and Chocolate Cultural Space, Havana, Cuba 2015 Drills. XII Havana Biennial. Cuban Art Factory, Havana, Cuba Art Biennial. Havana School of Creative Photography, Havana, Cuba 2014 Young Route. Plaza Vieja, Havana, Cuba Extraordinary landscapes. Gallery of the Havana School of Photography, Havana, Cuba


Luciano Méndez Collection (Spain) Aurora Vigil-Escalera Collection (Spain) Madelaine P. Plonsker Collection (USA) Yves Winkin Collection (Belgium) EWA Collection (United States) Steven Certilman Collection (USA) Antonio Beirão de Veiga Collection (Portugal) Gil Shavit Collection (Israel - Peru) Robert Duncan Collection (USA)


2021 Winner of the IV Young Photography Award Foundation ENAIRE 2020 Special participation in the Women's Biennial with the exhibition "Is Being a Woman a Crime?" at Aurora Vigil-Escalera Gallery, Gijón, Spain Special Prize in the Arte Laguna Prize with the work "Laughter and Tears," Giardine Arsenale, Venice, Italy 2017 Scholarship awarded by the Embassy of Norway in Cuba for the photographic project for children, La Havana, Cuba


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Perdí mis fuerzas en el agua. Alejandra Glez
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