Rolando Adrian Avila Lopez was born in 1989 in Holguin, Cuba and immigrated to the US at age 13. The Cuban-born muralist has roots to South Florida dating back to his days at New World School of Arts, a small, selective, nationally recognized magnet school. Eventually, he earned a scholarship to attend Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California, where he received his bachelor’s degree. Out of college, he started working primarily in editorial illustrations for companies such as Disney and Warner Brothers. A few years later, Avila moved to Wynwood, Miami to build the foundations of his art career. At 30 years old, he is now one of the more prolific, better-known painters in Miami’s art district, having created over 30 murals in Wynwood and surrounding areas. 

​As a self-described “wall vampire,” Avila often seeks out unadorned spaces to renovate with his intricate work that celebrates the simplicity of lines, color, and design. He deliberately uses relatively monochromatic colors to dominate the canvas, focusing the viewer’s attention on his evocative, predominantly nude female subjects.

His current work depicts his deeply personal exploration of women as the very vessels of truth. He draws from classical, figurative forms and surrealist and pop elements to reconfigure women, creating multiple perspectives of their physical, metaphysical, and spiritual power. In doing so, Avila aims to rethink traditional female iconography, creating a new visual language to reframing woman as salvation, an antidote with the power to heal society to recreate the world.




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