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Thu, Feb 08




Join us for our vernissage dedicated to the AQUA exhibition at Le Meridien Beach Plaza!

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Time and Place

Feb 08, 2024, 6:00 PM

Monaco, 22 Av. Princesse Grâce, 98000 Monaco


AQUA! What a beautiful feeling when it slips through your body, when you feel the lightness and the purity of it, washing all of your sins and making you reborn. Yet, in despite of its majesty, we - humans - keep destroying it.

Oceans are one of the biggest forces of our planet. It gives life. Humans are connected to oceans and seas since ever and Aqua will take you for a magical journey underwater, exploring your senses and rekindle the environmental consciousness.

Allow yourself to emerge into the exhibition with Valentinaki abstract paintings Liquid Blue.

Valentina Kovalishina is a Latvian-born artist who learned the art of oil painting under the guidance of the artist Giusy Boncinelli once she moved to Italy in 2009.

The deep blue and the movements created by the resin will make you dance with the ocean reconsidering the relationship with time and space. By creating a world in a constant motion she carries us away in this sea of emotions where everything might be uncertain and anxious.

The waves represent life itself. A life that we need to protect by changing our actions to preserve the planet.

Valentinaki works have been exhibited in different places in Italy, mostly in Milan as the Sanctuary of Santa Maria dei Miracoli, the Basilica of Sant’Ambrogio , and ESPINASSE31 Gallery where she has participated in a collective and in a solo show. She is also the founder of The Baltic Vibe, a project founded in 2022 in order to promote Baltic culture abroad.

May you proceed the experience losing your strength in the water - Perdi mis fuerzas en el agua - with Alejandra Glez. Alejandra is a cuban artist who embarked on her artistic journey on her own where she employs different techniques as photography, video art, digital art and performance.

Alejandra believes that you can find in the sea the security and the stability given by a mother.

In another hand, the loss of gravity can be scared and a source of spiritual experience. Isn’t it the experience of life itself ? The balance of both sides will lead you to a self growth.

Through her art, Glez tries to denunciate the human harassment about aquatic living beings and our circle of destruction where we keep destroying our habitable space.

Brazil, Spain, Cuba and Italy are some of the countries who have embraced Alejandra works. From Art Galeries to Museums, she made a live performance at the Thyssen Museum Madrid in 2023.

“I kept dreaming about the freedom in the oceans” Raffaella dreamt it, so she photographed it.

Raffaella Schlegel is an Italian photographer and fashion designer who has always been passionated by water. At an early age she joined the Italian National team for swimming competitions, discovering later a passion for diving.

Water is a combination of femininity and profound depth. Raffaella captures the hidden moments underwater offering us a unique opportunity to admire the magnificent essence of nature mostly invisible from the surface. With a particular interest for fishes, amphibians and mammals, her photographes can either be identifiable or abstract, as she focus on the details as scales or gills.

Her talent took her on the international scene, participating in events and exhibitions as the OCEANART 2012 in South Africa, where she lived for many years, the OCEANART TECNOLOGY 2014 & OCEANART SENSATION 2017 in Mexico, and the Virtual Art Meet the Ocean 2017 at Espinasse31 Gallery.

Deeply concerned by environment and preservation, Raffaella Schlegel gives birth to her own brand in the fashion world dedicated to merging high-quality craftsmanship with environment consciousness using materials from recycled plastic bottles.​

Security, fear, deepness, destruction and preservation : all of these therms lead to life.

Through this exhibition you will probably rediscover the very meaning of life and interiorize the importance of our environment. Remember : 72% of our planet is water.

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