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JUNE 6  –  JULY 15




Marco De Crescenzo

"Liquid Blue" by Valentinaki is a swollen, mysterious sea that wraps and mesmerizes. A sea that welcomes a dawning sun and reveals its infinite perspectives and horizons. Deep, dark, and somber yet simultaneously bright and inviting. This is the evolution of Valentina's color, taking inspiration from Zygmunt Bauman's theory of Liquid Modernity to recreate a world constantly in motion and change.

Valentinaki poetically represents the transience, uniqueness, and unpredictability of waves and movements. A sea, in its literature, that of the Baltic Sea, which hides beneath its surface always new surprises and facets to discover. There is nothing fixed or stable in this liquid world, just as our society is suspended and lives in a continuous state of uncertainty and precariousness. As if we were at the mercy of the waves of the sea, we are forced to continually adapt to the challenges that life presents us.


6 June – 15 July


Viale Espinasse 31,


This liquidity leads us to reconsider our relationship with time and space. The past and the present intertwine, creating a continuum in which the temporal horizon becomes increasingly evanescent and imperceptible. Space becomes mobile and asymptotic, allowing information to freely circulate across geographical boundaries. ​ But this liquidity can also generate anxiety and uncertainty. The absence of stable and permanent reference points can make individuals feel lost and disoriented. However, Valentinaki's Blue embraces us and allows us to perceive liquidity as an opportunity, as a creative and inspiring dance to create new forms, new balances, and new shades. Let us immerse ourselves in its liquid and be carried away by the breath of its blue.

Apro gli occhi e mi immergo nel blu.

Ondeggio, sospeso.

Flutto in un mare liquido, imprevedibile, riflettente

e mutante.

Vivo oscillante.

Coccolato dall’ondeggio della quotidianità dei sentimenti.

Mi immergo nel blu, respiro

e riempio l’anima di colore


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