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DICEMBER 7 / 23, 2021

Espinasse31 Contemporary Gallery is pleased to present "GIVE FANTASY A CHANCE. When Peter Pan meets the Pink Panther", a solo show featuring works by Olga Lomaka, in collaboration with Alvise Ranieri Tenti

A dialogue between two icon characters to bring to life our childhood dreams and fantasy.

With this exhibition Espinasse31 wants to represent the two faces of Christmas, the festivity of family and playfulness, but also the explosion of consumerism. Give Fantasy a Chance is an occasion to think about the controversial needs of society and escape from them by rediscovering the own inner self through fantasy.

Olga Lomaka (b.1982, Krasnodar) is a Russian contemporary artist and curator. Her style is known for working primarily within the pop-art movement, combining diverse materials and techniques in her pieces. Lomaka exhibits her artwork worldwide, actively participating in global art fairs and biennales.​

Olga Lomaka remarkable personal style is instantly recognizable, placing the viewer between the concrete and the abstract, the familiar and the unknown. Viewed through the prism of pop-art, the artist’s primary features include playing with recognizable images and products of consumerism and pooling together contrasting beliefs; this gives a second symbolic meaning to the images she produces. The artist is constantly experimenting with new techniques, carving, and aerography, mixing traditional materials and modern media in her creative process. Her artwork transcends the realm of painting, including a prominent series of installations and sculptures. Lomaka’s eye for the unordinary in everyday life allows her to truly reveal spiritual and social themes and concerns; threads of what we consider reality, along with hidden dimensions of consciousness and possibility, weave their way through.

The magic continues with the artworks by Alvise Ranieri Tenti.

Espinasse31 wants to create a space where everything is possible, where two stories apparently different can meet and bring new meanings to the audience.

"Give Fantasy a Chance" is the motto of Peter Pan series, where the characters of the movie are presented to represent our dreams, fears and emotions.

The exhibition is open from Dicember 1 to Dicember 23 at Espinasse31 Contemporary Gallery: via Borgonuovo 12, 20156 Milan.
Opening hours: Wednesday - Fryday, 11.00 - 18.00.  BOOK A VISIT

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