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Madrid – Espinasse31 Contemporary Art Gallery presents Veronica Mar first solo show in Madrid. On view from 7th of September to 25th of October. The Spanish artists will present a combination of 22 works exploring different materials, shapes, and colors through sculptures, paintings and design pieces strongly coherent works in their organic elegance.

“Mar investigates the beauty and perfection that natural forms transmit in their evolution and growth, the beauty organized in its balance and proportions, through abstract sculptures with a physicality reduced to the essence.” explains Thomas Castiglioni director of the gallery. 


The exhibition’s tour allows the viewer to interact to the sculptures in an intimate and dynamic way, as the pieces occupy and order the space with their full and empty spaces. In her sculptures, paintings, and design pieces we find essential and vibrant lines that delicately play with texture, colour and the everchanging reflections caused by light.

Veronica Mar pursues the balance between what is seen and what is not seen, a statement of duality based on the rhythms of the natural world, which is the main inspiration for all her pieces. This interplay between full and empty aims to create an intuitive space that leads to a new self-awareness within the sensible world, where emptiness, non-matter - like a silence in a musical score - contributes to define harmony. In the artist's words: "to empty yourself is to stay in your essence, in your personal power, in what you really are."


For this exhibition at Espinasse31 the artist presents a new feature: her work AETHER will be reworked in digital version and would be seen in the Infinity QR Room placed on the lower level of the gallery. This is an exhibition room project that was born in the Milan exhibition space and now arrives at the gallery in Madrid to give the public the opportunity to admire the gallery's NFT collection. Verónica Mar's artwork acquires a new virtual dimension, taking her aesthetic reflection in the metaverse.

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