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Espinasse 31 Gallery is pleased to present Sensi, a group exhibition that brings together the work of four leading artists In Spain: Ouka Leele, Oscar Estruga, Lula Goce and Marcos Tamargo, all of them with consolidated careers and well known internationally for their exhibitions and participation in art fairs and galleries. Four different points of view that offer a reflection on the feminine, on its perception from subjectivity and from the outside.
Sensi is a tribute to sensitivity understood as perception of the world and as an intrinsic quality of a certain feminine gaze, where the artistic gesture becomes inquisitive in its investigation of the nuances of matter and in allowing itself to be guided by the senses, recognising a spontaneous creative and expressive energy in being a woman.

Ouka Leele (Madrid, 1957), one of the most recognisable artists of the “movida madrileña” who, after the success of her retrospective at the Círculo de Bellas Artes organised by Photo España, joins the group exhibition Sensi with some of her most iconic photographs and paintings. Through painting, the artist restores to photographic images the strident and saturated colour of life and tells us about an emotion that the coldness of the lens is unable to express. Her art is an art linked to process, to time stratified over matter, a work of tillage and care that relates to the feminine rather than the hunting gaze more typical of photography and a sometimes-possessive male vision.

Oscar Estruga (1933, Vilanova i la Geltrù) is a Spanish painter and sculptor, winner of the Juan March Foundation Prize in 1966. Estruga is best known for his monumental sculptures installed in Spanish cities, such as Pasifae (1988) in Vilanova. His work recreates and reinvents ancient worlds, drawing inspiration from Greek mythology, resulting in sculptures and paintings that powerfully express images, erotic scenes and human experiences, masterfully modified by the artist's imagination. This is demonstrated by the two series of silkscreen prints: "Erotica" and "Mistica" (1987). With images and themes ranging from the sacred to the profane, and incorporating both figurative and abstract forms, he shows us dreamlike scenes where the physical, metaphysical and spiritual dimensions coexist, and feminine and masculine energies intertwine.

Lula Goce (Baiona, 1976) is an international reference in Spanish urban art. She has participated in urban art festivals around the world such as 501 SeeStreet in NYC, North West Walls curated by Arne Quinze in Belgium, Waterford Walls in Ireland, Memorie Urbane in Italy, Zona Maco in Mexico, Street Art Summer in Hannover, Mad Cool Festival in Madrid, Bac in Barcelona, among others. Through their impressive murals, women and girls claim their space within the cities and lead the urban landscape, peeking out from walls and facades. In her figurative and sensual paintings, she talks about the beauty of women in all its forms, with a realism impregnated with symbolism, where the perceived emotion is frozen through the pictorial gesture.

Marcos Tamargo (1982, Gijón) has several works in museums and private collections such as the Hispanic Society Museum and the Princess of Asturias Foundation. His landscapes, somewhere between abstract and figurative, are inhabited by female figures, like small flames, in which the artist emphasises with a few brushstrokes theirstrength and energy in relation to the natural environment. For the other side, with his portrait of a crying girl, he questions the viewer about the contradictions of our society in which the familiar and the domestic sometimes hide a darker side. This last painting, together with another one that can be seen in the exhibition, is made with the Move Art technique: using special pigments Tamargo manages to make two completely different works visible, one in natural light and the other in the dark. A procedure that the artist has also used to portray women Nobel Prize winners (a project sponsored by the Nobel Museum), which has gained wide international recognition.

The exhibition is open from FEBRUARY 23 to April 2, 2022 at Espinasse31 Contemporary Gallery: Calle de Fùcar, 17 Madrid.
Opening hours: Tuesday - Friday, 11 am - 7 pm.  BOOK A VISIT

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