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APRIL 1ST, 2022

The contemporary art gallery Espinasse31 presented, as part of the interdisciplinary cycle 31 Vibes, a live musical experience by Paule Jim & Ethereal Band on Saturday April 1 in its space at Calle de Fúcar, 17, Madrid.

31 Vibes, curated by Carmen Leiva García (Espinasse31 Madrid coordinator), was born with the aim of creating an interdisciplinary space within the gallery, in which to create meeting points between visual arts and other disciplines, opening its doors to different artistic projects from music, theater and poetry.

In this third event of the series, Espinasse31 Madrid invited the musical project Paule Jim & Ethereal Band to create a dialogue between the pictorial work of Cuban artist Adrián Ávila, which is part of the current exhibition at the gallery From Real to Virtual,  and their music. Adrián Ávila's artistic practice is based on the exploration of the timeless self and its relationship to the collective consciousness. Influenced by his experiences as a Cuban-American who lived through varying degrees of indoctrination throughout his life, his work reflects on themes such as the representation of femininity, knowledge and power. His artistic creations celebrate simplicity of line, color and design. He deliberately uses relatively monochromatic colors to dominate the canvas, focusing the viewer's attention on his evocative feminine motifs.

The compositions of this Cuban artist are born from the simplicity of the dots, which by joining them through lines manage to create geometrical frameworks juxtaposed to feminine figurative representations, generating a characteristic visual language. In line with Ávila's work, the universe created by Paule Jim starts from the simplicity of the most primary emotions to weave a complex panorama of ethereal sounds together with the members of Ethereal Band.

Paule Jim & Ethereal Band brought us live a musical project of Ethereal R&B, combining elements of rhythm and blues, with synthesizer sounds of experimental electronic music.  Paule Jim takes influence from numerous genres, something typical of the new generations of artists, which converges in a style difficult to label, combining languages such as Spanish, English and French. The artist builds together with the Ethereal Band a soundscape that evokes the exploration of human emotions, creating an atmosphere that embraces spiritual awakening.


Paule Jim & Ethereal Band is a project led by Paula Jiménez as composer and vocalist, and accompanied by the members of the Ethereal Band composed by Juan Luis Hortelano, Goria Lamadrid and Santiago Lozano.

Paule Jim is a promising artist from Almeria, who emerged in 2022 with her debut EP Wings and Gills by the hand of music producer Corey Angel. Songs from this EP were brought live at Espinasse31 along with pieces from her new project under construction. Juan Luis Hortelano is a guitarist and bass player from Alcalá de Henares who has played in a variety of styles, from soul/funk, rock, hip-hop to cumbia. Goria Lamadrid is an experienced keyboardist who has participated in numerous plays as a stage pianist in different theaters, her versatility has also led her to play in rock bands and reggae festivals such as Rototom. Santiago Lozano is a bass player from Madrid who developed his artistic facet in the neighborhood of Vallecas as part of bands of very diverse genres.

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