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Espinasse31 at Westin Palace Milano

OCTOBER 18TH, 2017

The Canova Club is an association of managers, professionals and entrepreneurs based in Milano. Their goal is to promote Friendship, Culture and Solidarity, with particular attention to the problems of the elderly, the future of young people and the economic and cultural development of Italy.


Some of the most influential personalities in Italian politics and the business world regularly participate and hold presentations at the clubs events including: Enrico Ricotta (Managing partner, Mandarin Capital Partners), Giuseppe Zampini (Presidente, Ansaldo Energia), Franco Moscetti (CEO, Gruppo Sole24Ore), Pier Carlo Padoan (Ministro dell'Economia e delle Finanze) among the most recents.

Espinasse31 has been present at the Canova Club's official gala on October 18th 2017, showcasing the works of Jotape, Carlos Cesar Alves, Adrian Avila, Paolo Ciabattini and Rodrigo Branco. This confirms the interest of the residence in stimulating an ever wider and more transversal cultural exchange with various realities in Milan and Italy.

Artists: Carlos Cesar Alves | Adrian Avila | Jotape | Paolo Ciabattini | Rodrigo Branco

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