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February 3 – May 18, 2020

Contemporary Art Gallery, Espinasse31, returns to Monaco at the Méridien Beach Plaza lobby

presenting a solo exhibition of the Brazilian artist Jotape. “Abstroworld” will feature a series of

paintings which aim to immerse the viewer in the paradoxical world of abstraction from February

3rd to May 18th 2020.

Joaquim Correa Pereira, in art Jotape, is a Brazilian-born artist, active between Miami and Sao

Paulo. The artist’s works, created through color and resin, could be defined as abstract paintings

with pop effects. He is recognized for the intensity of his works, with profusion of symbols and

scratches in complex and random designs. They are simplifications of reality, where details are

eliminated from recognizable objects leaving only the essence of the feeling. He paints when happy,

sad, in love or when he is heartbroken.

Jotape’s paintings are pure reflections of his life journey, and although it comes through as

figurative abstractions, the paintings represent things that are not visual, such as emotions, sound, or

spiritual experiences. The Artist's intentions are to provoke emotion and invite people through his

internal journey.

Today, in our fast-paced digital world, the need to create cult status in a saturated market drives

increasing demand for the 'new', which frequently sees fashion houses looking beyond their own

front doors for inspiration. Fashion designers are curious about shape and form, fascinated by color,

intrigued by social, historical and cultural references. Jotape seemingly inspires the most notorious

fashion brands of today’s industry such as Superga in Brazil, creating unique collections for the

opening of the Brazilian shops.

Among some of his more passionate collectors are Brazilian politicians and several private

collectors in Miami.

Among the others: Emerson Fittipaldi (F1 World Champion) and Instituto Ayrton Senna.

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