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Celebration 2.0: Art & Music Edition

30th MAY 2019 - 13th JUl 2019

Espinasse31 presents: Celebration 2.0 

Espinasse31 celebrates its second year of activity, with a collective exhibition in the residency, and an exclusive event that will feature two young exponents of the International Musical and Artistic scene.


After the success of her performance during the famous "Sofar Milan" organized one year ago in Espinasse31's space; the Milanese artist's residency invites you to let yourself be carried away by the energy of the young French artist Océane. Having previously collaborated with Left Boy, composed for Thalassa (a French TV show), and performed in festivals such as Le Printemps de Bourges with her former band Prude; she’s now touring to prepare her first album in her name !

« Take a deep breath, open your ears, and let Oceane’s music flow through your soul. With her clear voice, her lyrics full of poetry and humor, her solar music, she will bring you on a trip that blurs the lines between languages and people. Be careful : the joy and melodies you’ll take away are persistent! »

Adam Lucey

Contemporarily with the musical performance by Océane, participants of the event will have the chance to admire a live performance by the American street artist Adam Lucey. For the first time in Milan as part of an artistic residency at Espinasse31, the 25-year-old street artist from Boston will involve his audience by creating an exclusive piece inspired by the sound of the French musician; effectively creating a unique collaboration between the worlds of Art and Music.

Adam is very passionate about creating and tries using humor in a lot of his work. His intention while creating a piece of artwork is to make the viewer smile or laugh along with genuinely enjoying looking at the art no matter what age they are. Mediums that Adam uses vary from spray paint, acrylic paint, collage, to paint marker.

The Exhibition

This event will also be a unique opportunity to be able to appreciate works of painting, sculpture, photography and design carried out by the artists of the residency in the last few years. Espinasse31 is depicted as a factory of ideas, an interdisciplinary artistic hub where artists are invited to share experiences, cultures, and above all their creations. The proposed exhibition reflects this multidisciplinary and multicultural aspect of Espinasse31, inviting visitors to admire a selection of works resulting from contaminations between different art forms.

In the last two years, there have been many projects and events that have seen the artists of the residency engage with big names of fashion, entertainment, architecture and fashion: the Cuban artist Jenny Perez has collaborated with Armani for the presentation of a new Armani Exchange AX capsule collection, entitled "St_Art",, presented during Basel Art Miami; Jotape counts among its

collectors the Ayrton Senna Foundation, the pilot Emerson Fittipaldi and the mayor of San Paolo and Paolo Ciabattini worked with the famous architect Daniel Libeskind. Recently, the artist Flavio Rossi created a mural in San Paolo with Ronnie Wood of the Rolling Stones and Marco Mantovani, aka KayOne, one of the first writers in Milan, he collaborated with Giorgia on occasion of the presentation of her new album "Pop heart" in Espinasse31.

Artists: Paolo Ciabattini |  Jenny Perez | Jotape | KayOne | Adam Lucey | Flavio Rossi

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