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OCTOBER 2nd - DECEMBER 1st, 2018
OCTOBER 11th, 2018
In order to recognize the value of a work of art one must first understand its moral and cultural context, represented by the cities and the streets in which the human behind such piece lives. Cities can be seen as the representation of human complexity, its streets as the physical space where one works, one grows and one constructs a project of life.

Since it first opened its doors two years ago, the artist's residence Espinasse31 has managed to show through its various exhibitions how the Street Art phenomenon represents a form of appropriation of urban space and aesthetic reformulation, where cities are transformed by the work of men and at the same time invites them to escape with both real and mental journeys.


"Escapes", on show from the 2nd of October to the 1st of December, will unveil the complexity of the human being in its most intimate form, investigating its relationship with nature, cities and feelings, through the works of: 


Fabio Pietrantonio, Marcello Silvestre and Marcos Tamargo


After the success of the "Over the Gate" exhibition in Città di Castello (PG), the Piedmontese artist Fabio Pietrantonio presents a development around "Universal Egg" and "Sapienze Universali": two cycles of works that are the materialisation of a nodal point in the aesthetic and poetic reflection of the artist.

Pursuing the philosophy of Alberto Burri, Pietrantonio studies Nature, investigating its deepest spirit and always trying to grasp its truth in the most essential form. Strongly influenced by the shamanic mysticism that he got to know in Australia during its long periods of cohabitation with the aborigines, the artist has developed both a primitive and a metaphysical style. From this profound relationship a production which investigates the original bond that unites man with nature was born. This is expressed on a formal level in an enchanted exploration of the material, favouring mainly natural elements such as sand, metals, fabrics, stones, wood, resin, with a strong primitive and ancestral appeal.

"I see Nature as the best antidote to the alienation of man in contemporary society, the only possibility to live a life not contaminated by progress and industrialization. The relationship between my works and nature is tight as a knot that cannot be dissolved ".

Pietrantonio will realize a performance of an installation on nature called "la Percezione dell’Oltre", specifically for the October 11th vernissage, which will fill the exhibition space with the spirituality of the works on show.


Innovative and curious, the sculptor and architect from Campania, Marcello Silvestre, managed to give shape to his dream visions by designing the series "Città Invisibili": showcasing a series of 3D printed bronze sculptures, inspired by the novel of the same name by Italo Calvino, aimed at investigating the indissoluble relationship between men and cities, as if they were a single body difficult to split up.

Finalist of the Premio Arte 2018 and on display at the Palazzo Reale of Milan from October 16th to the 21st, Marcello presents a preview of the "Città Invisibili" series at Espinasse31, as well as a second project "La Ruggine dei Sentimenti", an investigation on the feelings and concerns that arise during a relationship crisis, where rust symbolizes the malaise that darkens the heart, hides the truth and reveals the passage of time. “Le città invisibili and La Ruggine dei Sentimenti are two projects born of mental visions then transposed on paper with sketches that help me to keep that blurred mental vision alive, which will take shape only when I begin to sculpt it”.


The last artist on display is Marcos Tamargo, considered as one of the artist with most international projection in Spain, whom works are exhibited in various European cultural institutions and important collections such as the National Heritage and the Hispanic Society of New York.

In New York, Marcos began to express his interest in the landscape and the travel experience, which became the two main themes of his works. Each one of his Artworks represents one of his travels and every colour evokes the memory of a lived city: "In my works I try to use materials that I find during my travels to try to recall the emotions and experiences lived and to strengthen the link with the territory. My paintings and I go hand in hand, I have shaped the landscapes with my personal way of seeing the world, there is no difference between me and them ".

Defined as a plastic artist for the variety of materials and techniques used, in the works presented during the exposition "Escapes" Marcos will exalt the relationship between men and matter in its infinite transformations, painting the latter as the piece of a city from immortalized in his paintings, with a style that can sometimes be figurative and sometimes abstract.


October 2nd - December 2nd

Open Daily from 2.30pm - 7.00pm

Viale Carlo Espinasse 31, 20156, Milano

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