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Espinasse31 Celebration

20th APRIL, 2018

Espinasse 31 Artists’ Residency celebrates its first birthday, with a collective exhibition, during Milan Design Week.

Creativity, talent, innovation and passion for art are the driving forces that will guide the exhibition: “Espinasse 31 Celebration”.

On occasion of MiArt, Espinasse31 has decided to dedicate three days to collectors and art professionals, to admire the talents on show. An unrepeatable opportunity to witness in a single location artworks ranging from paintings, to sculptures, to photography and design.

As Milan’s Design Week represents a system of connections, able to create synergies between various realities, Espinasse 31 presents itself as a forge of ideas, a path made to share experiences, cultures, but mostly personal creations.

During the evening, there will be the presentation of 2 new street artists: Marco Mantovani, aka KayOne, one of the first writers in Milan, remained faithful since 1988, to the culture of Graffiti Writing and Skott Marsi, very active and known for his murals in Brooklyn and Miami.

In his works on canvas, KayOne has always tried to imprison the energy of the street and his love for colour, inspired by the walls in our cities, large, colourful and full of unwritten words. His works are small captures stolen from our streets, returned by time, with surfaces that make us feel the desire to leave an indelible mark of himself.

For all of those who wish to purchase some works, Espinasse 31 pays homage to its collectors, but also new customers with an exclusive gift: a special sale on all the production in stock!

An unrepeatable opportunity for all kinds of lovers of art and design.

And for those who missed our latest events, during this exhibition you can admire the most representative pieces of all our historical artists, such as Adrian Avila, Jenny Perez, Rodrigo Branco, Carlos Alves, Paolo Ciabattini, Jotape, Flavio Rossi, Leonor Anthony, Claudia La Bianca, Leo Castaneda and Daniel Tummolillo.

Much of the production is also be visible in Piazza Cavour, at number 1, at Studio Castiglioni & Partners.


We invite you to visit our space and to celebrate with us the first year of activity!

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