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Art Fucks Fashion

22nd FEBRUATY, 2018

In the last few years, notable international fashion designers have started taking pieces of modern and contemporary art and transforming them into unique pieces of clothing; street art, which was seen as merely a form of “smearing” the walls of the cities less than a decade ago, now suddenly started selling designer clothes and bags! Is this a simple commercial decision or is it because of lack of creativity?


Espinasse31 doesn’t have the pretention to answer this question, but wants to stand as a witness to the imposing presence that art is taking in the field of fashion.


With a touch of glamour and an interesting mix of art and fashion, expertly worn with vein eroticism allusive to the sensual power that a piece of clothing manages to emanate, the noted Milanese artists’ residency has decided to dedicate a night to Milan's Fashion Week where art pays tribute to fashion.


Ready to be shown on Espinasse31's Cat Walk are the works of Leonor Anthony, Simone Monte, Leo Castaneda, Antonio Guccione and Alex Korolkovas.


Some of the artists will create site-specific works inspired by the fashion world and the Milanese Cat Walks, others will show their most important works from glamour collections, paying homage to modern and contemporary painters. The event, as tradition goes, will host a variety of live performances, including one that will allow visitors to customize their own pieces of clothing with the help of our artists.


“As art tells a story and expresses emotions, our clothes also bring a certain clue into the personality of an individual, through time and memory” – in this way the Cuban artist Leonor Anthony introduces her project “Objects of Passion”, on which she will be working during her residency period here in Espinasse31. She will focus on the physicality of the objects and the passion that fashion emanates. After participating in the Venice Biennial, showcasing her work in the prominent Grassi Palace, and working as a model and actress, Leonor’s participation in this event is essential.


Numerous models are the main characters in the sensual shots of Simone Monte, Brazilian photographer awarded by The National Geographic Contest 2015. Her photographs are a tribute to beauty and femininity, with a special focus on the sensual and erotic detail, shown without any filters.


A worship for the world of fashion can also be seen in Alex Korolkovas’ work. Winner in the 2017 and 2016 edition of “Visual Press Awards”, Alex is notorious for his exhibitions and is considered one of the ten best creative photographers in American Fashion. He collaborates with a lot of international magazines like Vogue, Mixmag and Bridestyle.


Antonio Guccione, the only Italian representative in the selection of artists, has collaborated with the likes of Moschino, Versace, Cavalli and Moncler and is considered to be one of the most influential fashion photographers of our time. He will give a touch of glamour to the evening, showcasing photographs of some of the most beautiful and iconic women of this century. A selection of his portraits of skulls, aimed at representing the memory and the passing of life, will also be included in the exhibition. 

Espinasse31 will also showcase exclusively the Video-Art “Item Showroom” created by the Columbian artist Leo Castaneda in collaboration with the Garner Arts Center of New York. The piece will be projected on the walls of the residency, creating the illusion that the real world and the virtual reality created by the artist are converging and therefore giving birth to new forms of art.


During the event, the public will have the opportunity to buy the exhibited works and to meet and confront the artists who are working and living in the residency about their works.


Fashion as well as art, is a form of democracy in which everybody has the right to their own opinion and individuality. 


The exposition is now open for a limited time, be sure to come into Espinasse31 to check it out!

Tuesday - Saturday

10:30 - 19:00

Viale Carlo Espinasse 31, Milan

Artists: Leonor Anthony | Simone Monte| Antonio Guccione | Alex Korolkovas | Leo Castaneda

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