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Virtual Art Meets The Ocean

OCTOBER 24TH, 2017

Espinasse31's new exhibition, Virtual Art Meets The Ocean, will feature the artists: Raffaella Schlegel, Leo Castaneda, ValentinaKi and Paolo Ciabattini. Their artworks all have a deep connexion with the colours and sensations of the Ocean, Leo Castaneda with its deep blues and ValentinaKi with its abstract inspiration from the Northern seas, Paolo Ciabattini with its so-called Monoliths Of The Sea, of which a series has recently been exhibited at MuMa of Genoa. Not enough? One can just think about Raffaella Schlegel, the most famous shark and crocodile photographer in the world, who will showcase her artworks on fine art prints and backlit satin as well as some canvas prints.

Virtuality will be embodied by the the 4k screens located throughout the residency and projecting both Schlegel's and Castaneda's videos, adding the factor of technology to canvases and photographs in the exhibition spaces of this ex-typography.

The event will also host live art, in the tradition of Espinasse31. Thanks to VR-headsets, visitors will have the possibility to enter a "virtual garden", appreciating the three-dimensional sculptures of Leo Castaneda and use 3D printing technology in order to acquire the chosen works of art.

At the event, visitors will have the possibility to acquire the artworks and meet the artists who, according to the criteria of choice of the residency, all already have an important resume and have participated in a various important exhibitions in the past, such as the one in the Bronx Museum of New York, still ongoing, by Leo Castaneda, and several collaborations with some of the most important magazines such as National Geographic by Raffaella Schlegel.

Artists: Leo Castaneda | Paolo Ciabattini | Raffaella Schlegel | Valentinaki

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