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Valentinaki - bio

Vincenzo Magno, aka Vim, is a young street artist from Catania born in1996. His education began by obtaining a baccalaureate degree in the humanities but his artistic vocation will lead him to undertake a different path. He begins in his high school years as a self-taught artist, making his first works with spray cans on abandoned buildings, until graduating from the Brera Academy of Fine Arts in Milan in painting.

His art has always been strongly influenced by naturalism and realism of the visible world-in fact, Magno tries to reproduce in his works "the impression of the true" that is, an almost "photographic" portrayal of the visible. 

In his works his sensitivity towards the animal world emerges as we can see in the creation of the murals of sharks in his hometown.

The interest in depicting sharks was conceived both to be able to deal with fear and the problems of life by not becoming its prey and also to awaken the interest of the

city toward art

Valentinaki - artworks
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