Veronica Mar (b. 1979, Granada) is a Spanish artist and designer, currently based in Madrid. Having earned a BA in Fine Arts at the University of Barcelona in 2005 and a BA in Interior Design at Eina School in 2004, Mar has been exhibiting her designs since 2007 in notable design galleries such as Rossana Orlandi (Milan), Les Ateliers Courbet (NYC & Miami), Mint (London), and The Wolfsonian Museum in Miami.


Mar is inspired to create abstract sculptures that form a delicate intimacy between the piece and the viewer, where the immaterial emptiness transmits different emotions adapted to each sculpture, and the context in which it is exhibited. Her work uses minimal and organic lines that subtly play with texture, color, and the ever-changing reflections caused by light. This balance of both the seen and the unseen is fundamental to her work, as the dualities and rhythms of the natural world inspire her pieces. She purposely wants the work to feel like a physical expression of calligraphy: pure and enlightened aestheticism through a minimal physical presence. This interaction is meant to create a space of personal reflection and tranquility, ultimately leading to a new awareness of the self within the natural world.

Since 2014, Veronica Mar has exhibited at art fairs and galleries in London, Shanghai, Barcelona, Madrid, and Marbella, and created pieces for private and public collections. The artist has received several international design awards, such as first prize in the Emily Hall Tremaine Foundation Award (2015), leading to participation in a Wolfsonian Museum exhibition. Mar has also been the recipient of several grants, from institutions such as the Spanish Royal Academy in Rome, and the Swatch Art Peace Hotel in Shanghai.





Veronica Mar - Making of Unidad Layla
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