Rolando Adrian Avila

Rolando Adrian Avila, a young Cuban artist, is already making a name for himself in Miaimi's Wynwood Art District. Avila has created a large number of murals in Miami and most of them can be found within the Wynwood area. Impressive, considering he has only been living in the area for a couple of years.


The subjects he portrays are mostly female and nude; they are being viewed as the objects of a male's gaze.

Rolando Adrian Avila loves naked women so much that they can be found in most of his artworks, dominating galleries and walls all over Miami. The Cuban-born artist often uses black, white and just one other color to portray the female form, and finds his work is right at home in Miami. 

I feel like people [here] really respond to figurative work. I do these girls, and in Miami the body is something that is celebrated” Avila told Miami’s Rise News. Avila feels lucky to have had so much opportunities. “I got money to go to California from school, that was the only way” he added. “I feel like that is important for an artist, to be educated. Education is everything".

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