Rodrigo Branco

Rodrigo Branco, recognized by the media as one of the top 15 emerging Brazilian street artists, was born near Sao Paolo in 1986. The artist was influenced by his family to pursue an artistic career. During his adolescent years he came into contact with the fascinating world of graffiti in the streets of his neighbourhood and also approached photography thanks to his father.


He has been involved in several social art projects and recent years, allowing him to further develop his talent and determine his approach to the different aspects of painting. Rodrigo paints faces and elements that inhabit his imagination, inspired by his childhood and the life that flows from the people he met across the world.

His works can be found in the most important collections of Brazil as well as among private collections in the US and Europe. In 2016 he was commissioned by MyFinBec to create a series for their annual project (42 paintings on canvas entitled "Distintos Filhos” / Distinct Family).

Among his solo exhibitions: Galeria Homegrow (Rio de Janeiro), KingCapSp Galeria, (Sao Paolo), Ben Oakley Gallery (London). 

Collective exhibitions: ESPAI Russafa / Exhibition gallery (Valencia), Ark Gallery (Mexico City), Exhibition Gallery (Madrid), MYA Gallery (London), 102 Gallery / The George Washington University (Washington D.C), 44309 Street Art Gallery (Dortmund), KingCapSP Galeria, (San Paolo), Verve Gallery, (San Paolo), Insider Gallery (London), Simple / Micro Art Gallery (San Paolo), A7MA Galeria (San Paolo), Galeria's disease (Lima).


Rodrigo constantly participates in various street art festivals around the world.

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