Espinasse31 offers a range of services that highlight the gallery's commitment to promoting art in different spheres of life. In this case, the gallery aims to bring art into the worlds of real estate and interior design by facilitating the addition of artworks or design objects to the decoration of your newly acquired or rented spaces.


Espinasse31 offers the free service of constructing virtual renderings and site-specific projections of chosen artworks and design objects in their newly acquired or rented spaces. This will help clients in envisioning the artistic touch they wish to add to their homes, commerces, or offices. Additionally, the gallery offers a range of design options in a special collaboration with its represented artists. Explore the Espinasse31 design collection here.


Clients also have the possibility to rent a collection of artworks, by Espinasse31 artists and curated by the gallery, to keep in their residential or commercial space for a period of six months in exchange for a fixed monthly fee. At the end of such a period, 25% of the rental sum already paid by the client can be used as a down payment towards a permanent purchase of the artworks. Alternatively, Espinasse31 can provide a new exhibition for a further six months, offering an influx of art and design in bi-annual rotation.


Espinasse31 offers clients who are renting or acquiring a new home the above services (virtual rendering and rent-to-buy), making it easy to integrate artwork and design collections into your home from the very beginning.


Espinasse31 offers a unique take on the design and installation of art in retail spaces, showrooms, shop windows, restaurants, clubs, etc. Site-specific projections and advice may be provided by the gallery's experienced team of designers and artists.


Our rent-to-buy formula is especially attractive to corporate offices, shared office spaces, and lobbies. Keep your clients interested by providing them with a new exhibition every six months while gradually building your corporate collection.