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Rafa Macarrón is a young self-taught artist who possesses a strongly personal work with a dreamlike influence and childish reminiscences. Macarrón’s painting is characterized by striking chromaticisms, the presence of figures with hydrocephalus and filiform extremities, as well as unique characters who claim all the protagonism of each work and who embody both the universal and the unrepeatable.

We can observe in his work the studies of the body of the protagonists, men and animals with legs too thin to support the weight of their heads. The figures are mostly settled on a neutral, blue, pink, water green background, and in each scene, the line that cuts the vertical plane of the background with the horizontal plane is the only line we recognize as characteristic of our world.

In his paintings, Macarrón creates dreamlike scenes and a world of unusual characters that despite their drama and deformity, show tenderness and kindness. With a defined style and language, his painting is fluid, fresh and harmonious as a whole. Influenced by comic strips, Spanish painting from the 50s and 60s, the work of Dubuffet, Fraile, Matta and Quirós, Macarrón is already a benchmark in the painting of our time.

Rafa has participated in a large number of both individual and group exhibitions nationally and internationally, as well as having taken part at numerous Art Fairs such as Zona MACO (Mexico), ARCO (Madrid), ArtBo (Bogotá), ArtMadrid, ArteSantander, Scope Basel and Art Miami.

Winner of the 2010 BMW Painting Awards and despite his youth, Macarron’s work has been reviewed in numerous occasions, and published in press and media, emerging as one of the contemporary artists of greater sope in such short period of time.

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