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Download Soul Knight for Android

Soul Knight for Android is a dynamic RPG about saving the world from the forces of evil. The main character is trying to do his best to get to the truth and defeat those who stole the stones of magic! The world was in balance and these stones helped it, but someone has stolen and now real chaos has broken out, which only the chosen one can stop! Help the world see the light that the locals miss so much!


Presented by the typical mechanics in the style of run and kill. At the same time the player is offered the ability to collect resources, perform quests and more. Good character customization in conjunction with numerous enemies and weapons give a positive result. Run through corridor levels, hide behind objects, use firearms and edged weapons to defeat enemies. Beware of traps that are designed to stop and destroy, maneuver and shoot precisely on target! Weapons for firefights in Soul Knight are plentiful. Not only can you buy them in shops that are generously scattered throughout the levels, but you can also find them in the chests. Once you get to the chest, just take what's there! The protagonist's arsenal may contain several guns and many expend energy. Energy builds up over time and will have to wait at times.

Upgrades play an important role and it's not only up to you to find new weapons, power-ups and armor, but also to improve your character's features. Increase health and armor so you don't become an easy target for your enemies! All locations are built according to the usual scenario, there are fences, as well as almost the same entrances and exits. Traps are also present and will have to try to reach the next level and stay alive!


You can really go wild here, because the constant change of events and the number of enemies will show that there are a lot of them and they're different. At the end of chapters or some levels, bosses will be waiting for you. Defeat the one who tried to kill you or hold you back, and auto aiming will help in this.


Soul Knight's pixel animation with nice colors and interesting design. Overall, there are no complaints about the graphics. It's just good. Controls are based on the joystick and icons on the right side. Use super power and bring every level to victory! By downloading the version from the website, you can buy a lot of things for free in the game and not think about running out of things!