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NOVEMBER 19 2022- JANUARY 21, 2023


Espinasse 31 Comtemporary Art Gallery is delighted to present its next group exhibition Painting in Action on display from November 17 to January 21. Painting in Action brings together the work of the Italian artists Paolo Ciabattini, Fabio Pietroantonio and KayOne, along with the Brazilian artist Jotape and Flavio Rossi in an attempt to visually capture the influences and connections of Action Painting in Street art. . The exhibition is also accompanied by the intriguing 3D printed sculptures of the Italian artist Marcello Silvestre.


The conception of painting as action, what Harold Rosenberg called Action Painting in the early 1950s, was an experimental and conceptual attitude towards painting and art that would have great repercussions on later generations of artists. The creative act was given an importance equal to that of the painting that resulted from the act. The canvas became, rather than a space in which to reproduce, redesign, analyze or express an object, real or imagined, instead an arena within which to act. 


28014, MADRID


In this sense, the Milanese artist Paolo Ciabattini is a clear heir to the tradition of Action Painting. His work is reminiscent in its technique, its expressive power, and its explosion of color, to vigorous works such as those of Jackson Pollock. Ciabattini paints with a powerful intimacy, almost as if to reveal to us an inner world impregnated with small cosmic secrets that link his private and inner universe with a stronger need to transmit to the viewer the other universe, the parallel one. In the same way, Fabio Pietrantonio's work draws from abstract expressionism in its strong symbolic character. Strongly influenced by the shamanic mysticism he experienced in Australia during long periods of coexistence with the Aborigines, the artist developed a style that is both primitive and symbolic.  This deeply suggestive relationship gave rise to a compositional production in which the original bond that unites human beings with nature is investigated.


The connections and influences of Action Painting on Street Art are evident in this exhibition through works such as that of the Milanese graffiti artist KayOne. With an established career in Street Art, KayOne tries to find on the canvas a more gestural and instinctive way of painting that takes direct influences from Action Painting, without abandoning the classic visual impact of Graffiti Writing. The works of Brazilian artist Jotape, created with vibrant colors and resin, could be defined as abstract paintings with pop effects. He is known for the intensity of his works, with a profusion of symbols and scratches in complex and random designs reminiscent of the randomness characteristic of Action Painting. Likewise, Flavio Rossi's figurative work is accompanied by the technique of dripping, with colorful splashes that spread randomly across the canvas. And as a final touch to give volume to this exhibition, Marcello Silvestre's distinctive 3D-printed geometric sculptures.


Thomas Castiglioni
Gallery Manager

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