Oscar Estruga

Oscar Estruga, b.1933 Spain


From an industrial expertise background, Oscar started his carrer designing agricultural machinery. His passion for drawing and painting led him to start his artistic training with the painter Masana i Mercadé. In 1957 he exhibited for the first time in Barcelona and a year later, at the age of 25, he decided to move to Madrid, to continue his studies at the School of Arts and Crafts. Although he settles in Madrid, his work will always set his sights on Catalonia and especially on the Mediterranean, witness to all the cultures that have been approaching its coasts for centuries and that settled on its shores.

After a trip to Paris in 1964, he became interested in sculpture, in which a permanent imprint of his drawings can be seen. In 1966 he received the prestigious scholarship from the Juan March Foundation and made several urban sculptures such as the Monument to the Mechanization of the Field, in the University City of Madrid (1969) and the wonderful Pasifae, which has become, for its originality and beauty, in an icon of his hometown, Vilanova i la Geltru.

Oscar can be defined as a sculptor who recreates and invents ancient worlds, who refer to Greek and Cycladic culture while creating his own myths. Bulls happily led by women, prehistoric venus wrapped in a halo of eroticism, which reinvents and adapts to the present. His mythological journeys sometimes take him far, far away, to pre-Columbian cultures, tirelessly searching for the essence of art.


1992            Premio Pámpana de Oro. Valdepeñas

1987            Premio Correo del Arte a la mejor exposición

1974            Primer premio de dibujo en los Concursos Nacionales.

1965            Medalla de oro por el proyecto de un stand, Madrid

1966            Beca de la Fundación Juan March.

1964            Premio Codex para ilustrar una parte de El Quijote

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