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Born in Italy, he pursued a multicultural scientific and creative education, studying electronic science and then at the IED (European Institute of Design). This led to a 25-year career where he worked as a designer, art director, and creative director for global creative agencies in Milan, New York, and Shanghai. He also co-founded a creative agency in Shanghai, which now operates globally.


Currently living and working between Milan and Shanghai, his artwork is centered on exploring narratives that intertwine matter and space in the digital era, particularly in relation to our perception of reality.


His work encompasses a variety of mediums, including mixed materials, installations, and digital exploration.


2021 Beyond Human Emotion - Audi House of Progress, Shanghai, China. 2022 Mitologie digitali - Finalist - Prato, Italy and Taizhou Contemporary Art Museum, China. 2023 Arte Laguna Prize - Finalist - Venice Arsenale, Italy. 2023 Latent Matter - Fabbrica del Vapore, Milan, Italy.


2023 Via Farini Residency


Latent Matter #6

Latent Matter #6


The installation features a sculpture made from everyday materials as cement and metal, reflecting the core elements of our surroundings. These physical materials are then processed by artificial intelligence, which deconstructs and reassembles them into its latent spaces. The resulting images are projected through an intricate video-mapping onto the original sculpture, enhancing and merging with its physical form.

This blend creates endless sculptures, or an endless sculpture, arising from a repetition of ever-changing configurations continuously forming at the intersection of virtual and actual. In that sense, this piece stands as an unrelenting explorer of a new mixed reality, continuously challenging our understanding of what we consider ‘real’ and questioning the traditional role of the artist in the creation of a work of art.

Cement, aluminum, silicon, plaster and AI generated video projection.

Solipsism  #3

The essence of an existent is no longer a power embedded deep inside it; it is the manifest law governing the succession of its appearances, the principle of the series." (Sartre, Jean-Paul. Being and Nothingness.)

This work uses artificial intelligence based on adversarial neural networks to generate new infinite digital sculptures by learning on hundreds of physical sculptures which I made specifically for the work.

The final work consists in infinite digital sculptures, letting the AI generate new ones forever.

Solipsism  #3
Solipsism  #3
Solipsism  #3

Aluminum sheets, corten steel plates, fabric shreds and AI.

Metaslices Series
Metaslices Series

Metaslices Series

Slices of matter are brought into the metaverse (through 3D scanning and NFT tokenization), with no possibility of return, which means that the physical slices are destroyed.

The only evidence of their existence is a holographic effect of their NFT 3D scan replacing their forms in the matter from which they were cut off.

The Metaslices project, consists in a series of physical sculptures with embedded 3D video animations.


This project aims to define and question a dual matter/digital aesthetics ecosystem.

The work creates a vicious circle between matter and blockchain which generates paradoxes as the impossibility to buy the work's NFT without nullifying its value or the impossibility to access to the NFT wallet key without destroying the physical artwork.  

The NFT video, which complements the material sculpture, is an aesthetic statement of the dual existence of this work of art. Inside the two blocks of concrete, there is a the Ethereum private key of the wallet containing the NFT.​ The Ethereum private key has been painted on the back of two cards, sealed in metal capsules, inserted in the molds and embedded in the concrete.​ There is one part of the private key in each pyramid of the sculpture, and it's the only place where the key has been saved.


Concrete, Iron and NFT video.

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