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Justine Mattera - NFT

Espinasse31 wants to offer a new approach to the world of crypto-art, after the successful experience in April 2022 with the SAMSUNG corner at the MEDIAWORLD store in Milan.

QR Code Room

Entering the QR Code Room means becoming aware of how much an ordinary element is actually an important part of our daily lives. The restaurant gives us a QR code for the menu; we trace the history of the museum's masterpieces by scanning a QR code ; because of Covid a QR code allows us to access or not in different locations. They become part of contemporary living which lead us to a place where time and space are resized digitally.

Designed by Argentinian artist Carolina Toncovich the space aim to recreate an Optical Art environments, where as viewers we enter a parallel world of disorientation.

However, the QR Code Room is much more. It’s like immersing yourself in a codified place surrounded by portals; the interaction with every element; the perception and its accessibility, which all lead to digital artworks. Each NFT seems to be anonymous, as for their cryptic aspect and the silent aesthetic of these symbols. 

The viewer is invited to enter and feel involved in this research: with the smartphone as a weapon in a chase to a wider world. The physical walls are knocked down by the cameras scanning each QR code; they open to a virtual exhibition inside the physical one, made of intangible but immersive artworks. 

Chase the QR codes and discover the digital creations of:

Olga Lomaka, Marcello Silvestre, Flavio Rossi, Kasseus, Antonella Mellini, but also new artists in collaboration with Espinasse31 such as Giuseppe Lo Schiavo, Carolina Toncovich, Lapo Fatai and Simone D’Auria.

Infinite QR Code Room, NFT artwork by Carolina Toncovich:

The QR Code Room is not just a room.

It’s a portal.

Check our platform and purchase our NFTs by clicking here.

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