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Nadia Delloro - bio

Nadia R. Dell'Oro is an Italian visual artist born in Lecco. After living in Florence and Milan, she finally settles down in Zurich, Switzerland. Her artistic activity was born during the artist's pre-university years, as she immersed herself in research and experimentation around the origins of the material, its primordial conditions, and the social and ecological implications to the material's processing. During this first creative phase, Dell'Oro's materials of choice are copper, terracotta, rough paper, plaster, wax, and stone—all processed with acids, crushing, pulverization, and various alterations of their natural states. Subsequently, the artist's interest turns to the gesture of sign creation and its performative aspects; she focuses on its visual translation through traditional techniques (in particular sculptural-installation techniques) alongside digital ones.


The rationale behind Dell'Oro's work is nourished by her study of Art History, on which she wrote her degree thesis. With the theoretical focus laying in the areas of philosophy, poetry, archetypes, and cultures of the world, and the practical focus being centered on the careful and thorough experimentation of materials, the artist's intervention in her work is deeply manual, even in the printing stages. Dell'Oro's silkscreen artworks are born around the theme of the female archetype, as a universe of signs that crosses the timeline of humanity in dynamic movement, obtained by transferring frames from a VR-based installation by the artist onto fabric. 

Nadia Delloro - artworks
Nadia Delloro - silkscreen
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