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Emil Armendariz aka Mr. Debonair, is an American artist and creator of the brand Mr. Debonair.His work revolves around fine-tuned motorcycle painting as well as imagery and sculptures inspired by famous fashion brands. 

His space, the Debonair FX, is located on NorthEast side of Houston. In this laboratory the best-known brands in the world have been reinterpreted for the last 18 years. 

Specializing in the hand-made customization of Harley Davidson, fans from around the world come to the Debonair FX in Houston in order to get the bodies of their bikes customized.

Alongside his passion for Harley Davidson, Debonair has created works of art now sold in several galleries all over the U.S. Some of his most important works are created through meticulous paintings of luxury brand logos (Ferrari, Gucci, YSL…) over firearms and hand grenades.


Debonair is currently represented by some of the most important street art galleries in the U.S.

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