Maria Tokareva

Maria Tokareva was born in Minsk, where she developed her passion for arts, her parents both musicians, introduced her to ballet, theatre and opera. She spent her first years every day listening to classical music, dancing and playing. All her works are inspired in music, feelings and movement, they forever transform as for her the only constant in life is change and it represents growth both spiritually and physically. 

One of her favourite games was playing dress up with her grandmother's skirts and high heels, she had an eye for style and she was never afraid to experiment with clothes.


Maria started her modelling career at age 14 in Colombia, a successful 10 years of campaigns, fashion shows and music videos. She moved to Seattle at 21 to

open her own production company and online magazine in 2012 and further expanded to launch her first wearable art collection AnimalKingdom by MT. That same year, she also opened an event space in the hearth of Seattle, right across the Space Needle, called ImusicSeattle. Bringing the music, fashion and art scene together.

After moving to Los Angeles in 2014 to resume her acting career without finding the art community she was looking for she moves back to Colombia for 6 months. 2015 was a decisive year in her path to become an artist, she moves to Miami and experiences her first Art Basel week. Sets her goals of changing her lifestyle to vegan and to create art every day.


By 2016 she has more than 700 drawings and paintings and achieves her goal to participate in Art Basel week with her first solo exhibit at XContemporary ''Private Vault series'' curated by Michael Klein and Crystal Curtis.


February 2017 Maria has her second show at the annual Cricket Club Art Exhibit. 

March 2017 launches her Wearable art FRAIS SS/17 collection. 

APRIL 11th FIRST POP UP @NomadTribe in Wynwood.


Maria has three prominent styles in her work: Abstract expressionism, pop art and digital art, she uses watercolors, acrylics, oils, pastels, gold leaf and markers in her works. The Frais Gals are mostly self portraits showing very deep emotions of fear, worry, disappointment, frustration, boredom, loneliness, indifference, hurt, arrogance, exasperation and horror. By using very bright colors to portrait this emotions in her paintings she transforms the way she experiences the world.


Some of her Art Collectors include Irina Artemova, Alex Cadavid and Mr. Glenn Halpryn.