Marcos Tamargo

Marcos Tamargo (1982) is a Spanish plastic artist born in Gijón, Asturias. Despite his youth he is one of the most relevant artists in the sceene of Spanish painting, because even in his early thirties, he has some of his works in relevant collections such as ABANCA by Juan Carlos Escotet, The Hispanic Society Museum, Patrimonio Nacional, or The ministry of Foreign Affairs, besides he has had exhibitions in galleries all over the world.

He has a constant and active participation in international art fairs in cities like New York, Miami, Brussels, Geneva or Karlshuhe, being present in more than ten a year. As a complement to his promising career, Marcos Tamargo has been in charge of making portraits of the awarded by the Prince of Asturias award for five years and of his majesty king Philip the sixth. Marcos Tamargo’s work expresses an abstract –figurative language , making works vitals because they show a very narrow relationship between his work and his personal life. One of his most important and reknown characteristics is the using and transformation of materials collected in the different places or situations about which his work tells us , and after he captures in the canvas its essence in an evident way. Paying attention to his technique, it covers a great versatility and combines innovating pigments with traditional materials.


He is standard bearer  of the trade mark Winsor & Newton in Spain

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