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Kasseus studied film and video at the London College of Communication, and later self-taught in photography. From 2008 until 2018, he was working as a freelance fashion photographer and video director, collaborating with brands such as Levi's, Alexander McQueen, Net-a-Porter, Salesforce, Clinique and Olay. In 2018, Kasseus decided to leave the advertising industry and transition into art. Labeled as a pluralist artist, he incorporates the skillsets learned through his diverse career in photography, directing, lighting, editing, sound design, and composing.  Kasseus is currently developing a series of live shows to produce art in front of an audience, accentuated by an eclectic mix of video projection, mapping art, and DJ sets.​

Kasseus’ art explores seduction in advertising, brand obsession, and excessive consumerism. Contrasting luxury lifestyle imagery with raw textures taken from the street art scene, a unique contemporary style has been born through his oeuvre.​

Drawing influence from the music industry, noise art, advertising, film, glossy magazines, the contemporary metropolis, street photography and art, high fashion, sociology, and brand fascination, Kasseus constructs layer upon layer of scintillating scuzz. Models are shot in digital, 30mm, and medium format film and then recontextualized, rebrushed, wrecked, and reworked into a chaotic collage of images, fusing classical and digital techniques to build lush, multifaceted canvases. Graffiti handstyles, inks and resins are then daubed to add a final patina of lasciviousness.